yeay yeay yeay.. 
so this is my upgrade of my previous post in Indonesian languange here..
how are you all? July is my death month, because my thesis should be collected at 18th of july.. lol
I'm gonna die.. must do my thesis but also want to upgrade my blog..
and this is already on my head since the end of june, so I write almost all my july post is in the june..
so in july I just publish it.. lols..
alright, today I want to give my lovely favorite eyeliner for now to be reviewed on english version with my new style in taking pictures...

Size: 5ml
Price: about $4-$6 depends..
Type: Liquid eyeliner
01 Black
02 Grey
03 Brown

This eyeliner have a same packaging with Proof 10 eye primer.. lol.. and similar too with
tear drop liner.. this eyeliner only came with a plastick packaging, with a very simpe mark..
this also didn't come with a box..
Since this is a cheap eyeliner, it's okay, I can accept it lols..
the packaging of the bottle depends what color you want to buy.. If black, the bottle will come with a black, mine is brown..

the brush is so thin and I LOVE it.. XD
the brush not too hard nor too soft.. just perfect for a liquid eyeliner I think..

alright this is the main point of the review right?
what I love the most from this eyeliner?
I love the texture so much, this eyeliner have a light texture which not thick..
this eyeliner also not watery, so, when you apply it, touch it with your hand,
you'll feel that this eyeliner have a surface like a gel eyeliner,
but the color pigmentation is just like other liquid liner with bold color..
and this one is NOT easily to smudge or fade even AFTER WASH YOUR FACE..!!!
I use this one 6-8 hours, without have any smudging under my OILY eyes.. amazing.. XD
after I went home then I washed it not fade even a little bit..

but..... WATER + RUB totally removed.. lols..
you'll love this eyeliner if you don't rub your eyes but when y ou're swimming, this eyeliner will stay on your just don't rub it..

alright my final conclusion is:
- amazing staying power without rubbing your eyes
- bold color
- nice texture

- you rub it, it'll remove..

 This is my fave eyeliner at this moment, because this eyeliner stay nice on my oily eyes.. lols..
I want to try the new cushion eyeliner from Etude House..
do you have a same experience using this eyeliner on your eyes too??
comment below..^^

see yaa in the next post..^^