Hello..! 안녕하세요..!
I'm so freaking in korean product lately.. so for more further review there will be a lot of Korean Product will show up on my blog..^^
Today I gonna review one of the cheap eyeshadow from Etude House..
This eyeshadow come with matte.. who loves matte??? Rise your hand..XD


This eyeshadow comes with plastic transparent packaging, a little bit fragile I think.. so becareful not drop it.. or your eyeshadow will broke.. This eyeshadow have a cute heart pattern.. and this pattern not easily removed.. very pretty I think..^^

as everybody knows that Korean Eyeshadow comes with a natural color and natural pigmentation, because their makeup always looks 'no makeup' makeup.. so don't be dissapointed If you want to have a pigmented one, you should choose USA brands.. but if you love natural pigmentation, choose Korean eyeshadow..^^ 
this eyeshadow have a nice natural pigmentation, I love this eyeshadow because this eyeshadow is perfect for contouring your eyes to make a deep looks.. and because this eyeshadow is matte, you can use it to contour your nose also.. so this product is very multipurpose.. 
I use it to contour all my face also, because the color suitable for my skintone..

this eyeshadow not powdery also, so it won't fall out to your face if you use it at your eyelid..

This eyeshadow have a great staying power, can stay nicely all day for contouring effect.. 
as long you not rub it hardly..^^

I use it to contour my nose and my eyes.. ^^
so will I repurchased? YES of course, with other shade.. ^^

to buy it you can go to belle beautify..^^ 

seee yaaa..^^