Hellooo Hellooo..
In This busy time, I try to update my blog lols...
Today I wanna Surprise you all my lovely reader, that finally I can receive what I want...
what is the surprise??
You'll see later.. lol.. anyway lately, I become freak want to try all Etude House product, dunno why but I really really spend all my money almost for Etude House product, and this is one of my latest haul.. XD

alright alright, are you ready???? here is the surprise... XD!!
I'm trying to create a white nice clean picture via photoshop and O God Bless me, Finally I can.. XD 
How is my picture now? very clear right? lol.. 
I think this is better than my old flowery picture, but I know this is not perfect enough..
So I'll learn and learn more about how to edit this pisture.. lols...

Product Description:
1.3 gram

Comes With 10 Colors:
BL602 Blue Ocean Wave
BL603 Aqua Blue
BL604 Deep Ocean Blue
PK002 Pink Mermaid
PK003 Bubbling Pink
OR202 Orange Sunrise
OR203 Orange Squid??
(I dont know exactly, this picture is wrong the real is Orange Squeeze)
BE102 Sand Gold
BR401 Tanning Brown
BR402 Sunset Brown

Price Around: $6.58 - $7 

This Product have a nice packaging even made from plastic, but this product not easily broke when you drop it..^^ 
Anyway this product packaging is really cute, you can see sky blue color with a nice
"bling in the sea" mark.. I love this packaging really... XD

This Product Have two sided, one is the eye stick and one is the sponge..
by the way I hate the sponge, because of it's smell.. 
Smelly so stinks, dunno why.. but for a blending job this sponge is good enough..

Because this is an eyeshadow stick, so this product really have a nice texture, 
which creamy and easy to blend.. I love eye stick..
Eye stick really useful if you are in hurry time, just apply and blend with hand, and then 
you're ready to go.. hahaha..
I choose OR203 with a bright color of orange..
Actually I want to buy another maybe the BL604 shade.. 
psstttt, why I bought this only one shade??
because I don't want to be a dissapointed girl after try and get that this shadow is not 
good enough, but after I try this I want to buy another shade.. (REALLY)
This Eye stick is very very WATERPROOF and SMUDGEPROOF
you'll regret If you don't buy this one.. 

Talking about staying power, you'll never dissapointed with this eye stick, 
first, you can use this all day long and not remove even when you go to do sport activity..
I tried this one and voilaaaa.. in my oily lid, this eye stick not crease.. 
so what are you waiting for??
 I really want to collect all shade lols...

and last, it's swatch time.. XD

PLUS for me:
  • Nice Color pay off
  • cheap of course
  • not easily to smudge or fade
  • suitable for all activity
MINUS for me:
  • I only hope they come in 50 shades like play 101 pencil.. lols...
see yaaa in the next post.. 
I cannot wait to review all new items..