Hellooo.. Hellooo.. 
another review in the busy time..
Finally my Play 101 Pencil is come...!!
But unfortunatelly shade #36 is out of stock so I only get this one..^^
I Choose this shade because I need to cover my dark circle lol..
I have a bad dark circle know because lack of sleep.. 


Weight: 0.5gr
Comes with 50 Colors
This is an auto pencil, you need to twist the bottom of the pencil..

Price Around: $5.85 - $6

This pencil have a very simple packaging, but have a nice box... lol..
I love the box more than I love the pencil..
Because this one is an auto pencil, so the packaging made from plastic..
in the bottom of the pencil you can see the number of the shade.. and you'll get a sharpener also..

The sharpener have a same color with the shade.. soo cute XD..

I think this pencil looks like usually eyeliner pencil..
the texture not too creamy and not too hard, so perfect..!!
this pencil also not easily brake when you drop it...
the size similar to the cap.. Shade number 8 is perfect for conceal all your blemishes,
your imperfection and many more.. you can use this as an eyeshadow base too...
But I use this for conceal my dark circle hahaa..
A little bit hard to blend I think but you can use brush to blend for perfect blending..

This Pencil quite good enough for the staying power,
still coverage my dark circle after 4-5 hours..
but you need to touch up after that because the conceal effect is start to fade..

and now, it's swatch timeee...
you can see the coverage effect here..
this concealer have a light coverage I think.. so for those who have a very very
bad dark circle, I recommend not to choose this as an concealer..

Plus for Me:

I love the color
have a nice texture
comes with soooo many shade.. I really want to collect all..

Minus For Me:

have a light coverage.. :(
a bit hard to blend..