It's summer timee.. so hot but I love summer very much..
I Searching all product to fullfill my needs in this summer, start with sunblock and end with this orange liptint..^^

And by the way to start this post, I love to share that this liptint is very affordable with a cheap price of course...^^

I obsessed with orange color lately because already get bored with pink color, and since I want to try orange liptint so I purchased this one..^^

This is the applicator, just like another usually lip applicator..^^

so let's start this review with:

this lipstint comes with a very cute bottle.. and I decorate it with a bow to make this liptint more cute.. lols..^^
this liptint have a nice transparent bottle so you can see the color..^^

This liptint texture is like a jelly but when you use it, the texture change into a watery tint..
this liptint is also a multipurpose product, you can use it as blusher too.. to use it as a blush just dab a little amount to your cheeks and blend it.. It's better if you use it before BB cream so the color will change into a naturally orange blusher..^^
this liptint have a nice pigmentation.. the color is trully an orange color.. I LOVE IT SO MUCH..!!
This liptint have a little bit bitter taste when you lick it lols.. but the taste not disturb me, I already try many liptint and this taste didn't bothered me at all.. XD

This tint is have a VERY GREAT staying power also.. XD
stay all day and waterproof... XD when you drink this liptint not fade, but when you eat maybe this liptint will fade a little bit, but don't worry just reapply it.. ^^

will I repurchased??
YES other color will I try lols.. XD

see yaaa..^^