Helloo Hellooo.. ~!
This time I want to review an old product from Etude House but very popular until now.. hihihi..
For sure anybody will know this product right??
There it is Mascara eyebrow and pencil eyebrow from Etude House..

~Color My Brows : This one come with a paper and looks like a book.. for the product it self the packaging made from plastic and the brush is very soft.. not hard, so make the application is very nice and glides on easily..
~Easy Brow Pencil : This one only came without any plastic on it just come naked.. lols.. but the product made from tin and protect the pencil very good.. so the pencil won't easily broke when you drop it..^^

~Color My Brows : This product is have a very neat result, with non sticky on your brows.. I love this one so much, I already try the dark brown color, so I choose natural brown color.. the color it self not to pigmented but really make your brows neat..
~Easy Brow Pencil : This product has a creamy texture and not hurt your eyebrow when you draw it.. ^^ You must use sharpener to make it sharp.. this product also have a different color with Etude House Drawing Eyebrow AD, even you choose dark brown color, the color beetween that two product is different.. From my experience, this product have a smooth color than the Drawing Eyebrow AD, so If you choose Drawing Eyebrow AD you will get more pigmented color than this one..

(left: Easy Brow pencil, right: Color My Brow)
Color my brows is a waterproof product.. but unfortunately, the Easy Brow pencil is not waterproof enough, this product will easily fade when you rub it with your hand, so becareful not touch your eyebrow when you are using this Easy Brow Pencil..^^
for the staying power, two of them have a good staying power, all day not fade, but just like I said, just don't touch your eyebrow.. hihihihi..

Hopefully my review is good enough to you all who are reading this post..^^
see yaa in the next post..^^