Helllooo.. XD 
Keeping shopping and shopping everyday lols.. 
But really I love korean cosmetics recently..
and this is another orange tint review..
OMG liza, you buy another orange make up againn??? 
yup.. I buy another orange color again.. lols.. I dunno but I love orange..
Actually I love pink but already get bored with pink color..

(pic by
I pick the limited one OR202, actually I want the purple but I don't think so
that color will suit to my skintone.. so I choose another coral orange color..
I already run out the OR201 and now I try OR202..
when you see the real one, actually OR201 and OR202 is not have a big different..
ok, let's we start now...

"Tint Promotes moist & shiny cherry Lips with a creamy smooth texture.."
Origin: Korea
size: 9 gr
Price around:
$5 - $6 depends where you buy..
RD301 Cherry Red
PK001 Cherry Pink
OR201 Cherry Peach
PK002 Cherry Hot Pink
PP501 Cherry Lavender
OR202 Cherry Coral

Alright, this tint only stay for 12 months, after that you cannot use it anymore..
already expired.. T^T so short life time.. lol

This is an limited edition from 5th birthday of Etude House..
so the packaging is different with the old one.. XD this one more cute I think.. especially the box..
For the Tint, the have a same packaging with the regular ones..
and once again, the color of the tint packaging almost same with OR201 lol..

You can see the macnufacturing date in the bottom of the packaging.. XD

The brush is just like another liptint or ligloss brush..
nothing special, but I love use this brush to apply this tint, because help me a lot..
Fresh cherry tint is my favorite lip tint texture, because can easily apply using the brush, no need to use my finger to spread it.. Different with Dear Darling Tint AD, you need your finger to 
blend it.. 

This tint is so creamy, and the scent is so good.. very sweet scent..
This tint don't give me a strong bitter taste If I compare it with Dear Darling Tint AD.. 
I think this one more sweeter than Dear Darling, but I love both of them..
I'm not a big fan of lipstick because lipstick always make my lips so dry..
Alright back to the review, this liptint staying power is sooo dissapointed.. 
only stay around 2-3 hours, especially if you drink a lot of water, you need to touch up..
so Dear Darling is win in the staying power..
but who can resist of the "Limited Edition" label? lols...
alright jump into the swatch time...!!

Sooo Soo my Conclusion:
- have a nice scent
- pretty color
- nice creamy texture

- have the same color with OR201, only different a little bit
- poor staying power
see yaa in the next post..^^