Hello Hello...
Happy Tuesday.. Oh Gosh I already in holiday now but have a very big homework(read: my thesis) lol..!
sooo... I'm happy that finally I can do another review today.. my time is really like hell.. Must do my project in college, then do my thesis and I must take many picture and edit it to review it in my blog..
so busy lately.. that's why I'm happy finally I finish edited all my picture to review it in my blog..

Today, I have a new circle lens review here.. lol.. for those of grey lens fans, you must read this post.. XD

This contact lens is come with plastic and blister packaging.. I got this lens also when they do a BIG sale.. lols.. so I got this for only $3-$4 only.. they also gave me a free lenscase.. lols..

This lens also same with the blue one, comes with 38% water content and very comfortable to my sensitive eyes.. this lens comes with 14,5mm size, so very comfy into your eyes.. perfect for daily use..^^
This lens have a cute butterfly pattern, with a black ring, so this lens really make my eyes bigger and dolly..
For the color, actually this lens color is natural and not too grey in my eyes..

so what do you want to wait?? try this lens girls.. really really afordable with a cheap price lols..!^^
I bought this one at Qoo10.co.id web.. you can search it.. hihihihi..
last, selfie timee.....!!

See yaa in the next post.. I have a lot post to do.. hihihihi