I'm back with the new Etude House series.. XD
OMG I'm sooo excited to tell you all about this new collection.. XD
This Collection is full with all about cushion product.. XD

I really curious about this all new cushion product lol.. XD
let's start with this:
(Face Conditioning Fixer)
Price: 10.000 won

This is looks like a mist I think.. this is the only one Lock' N Summer collection that 
not a cushion lols.. 

(Proof 10 Cushion Lock' n Liner)
Price: 9500 won
Refill price: 5000 won

This is one of the most product that I want to buy from Lock' n summer Collection..
All new eyeliner style with cushion type..
you can refill this one just like other cushion product.. XD
so If you run out of this liner just buy the refill..

(Cushion Blusher)
 Price: 9000 won

This is also a cushion type but cannot be refilled..
This comes with two type of color.. 

(Precious Mineral Proof Any Cushion SPF 50+ PA +++)
 price: 18.000 won
Refill price: 10.000 won

I don't know the different between this cushion and the last Precious mineral any cushion..
I think this is same only the packaging that look so different.. XD
(Lash Perm Proof Shockcara)
 Price: 11.000 won

This is new mascara from this collection, this is release today..^^

(Color Lips Fit)
Price: 9000 won

Yeayyy Color Lips fit comes with new color.. XD
I love PP501 the dark purple.. lol..
they also release today..

Which one is your favorite girlss?? tell me in the comment below.. lol
Cannot wait to buy it right?
byeee.. see yaa in the next post..^^

(all picture credit to Etudehouse.co.kr, edited by me)