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Today I'm going to review new contact lens that I bought from Qoo10.co.id
OMG I become very addicted to buy in Qoo10.co.id, since There is a lot of stuff that sell things with very cheap price...!!!
And one of the cheap but good quality item is this softlens..
Firstly, please don't shock when I tell you the price, because it's very very cheap..XD
I got this lens only for about $3-$4 only..!!
Still under $5.. WTF..!! so cheap right? first time I saw it, I thought that this lens is fake.. but many people already try it and give a review this is for real..

this Product is come with blister packaging not a bottle one, I love this kind of packaging, it's very easy to open.. they also give me a contact lens case for free.. VERY cheap for only $3 - $4 you get this lens and the case also.. lols..!
the owner said that they are really doing a big SALE for now.. Dunno for what, but for your information, this lens expired date is still long.. so this is really really a new fresh lens..


Oh God, this lens is only contain 38% water content and this lens really surprised my sensitive eyes.. As you all know that I rarely using lens when I do make up, that is because my eyes cannot deal with contact lens, they are very sensitive and sometimes contact lens will make my eyes feel "something in my eye" lols.. I cannot describe it, but that's true, I never found any lenses that suitable without feeling that, my Baby Color Super Yogurt that I reviewed it here also comfortable but still feeling like that (sometimes not all the time)..
so when I try this low water content lens, I feel very surprised.. this lens never make me feel "something in my eyes" anymore.. Maybe because the diameter also quite small only 14,5 mm..
The comfort also very great..

""anybody in here who sometimes feel like your vision blurry after using contact lens??
my friend said that color contact lens usually feel like that because of the pattern, different with a plain contact lens, the plain one dont have any pattern so very comfortable.. BUT my eyes is not minus, my eyes is normal, I just want to use softlens to enchance my looks.. lol..""

why I tell you story like that girls? because that statement is not working for this lens.. this lens is really comfotable and not giving any blurry vision to me.. After I bought this lens, I also gave my boyfie this lens, since his vision is minus.. so now, he become more handsome than before.. lols..! XD

this lens have a flowery pattern with a very bright blue color.. who loves blue bright color should have this lens.. XD

From now this lens is my number one fave lens for sensitive eyes.. the second one is my Baby Color Super Yogurt for sure.. soo for buy you can go to Qoo10 and search it.. ^^ btw I'm not selling it, I only give you suggestion..
I already buy another series and the color is grey.. I'll review it soon.. hope my lens can arrived fast.. XD

see yaaaa