Hello Etude House lovers..^^
Today I gonna review an old thing but still survive until now.. XD
probably I'm the last people who try, buy and do review about this product.. lols..~!
but it's better late than never try this product right?

Product Description
"This liquid liner contains superfine glitters in a clear base to give eyes a sparkling and dazzling effect." ~Etude House

Netto: 8gr

#1 White tear
#2 Silver tear
#3 Pearl tear
#4 Gold tear

This eyeliner comes with tranparent packaging and you can see all about sparkling in there.. 
really fall in love with this glitter and sparkling bottle.. XD
You can see the production date on the cap.. 

This product has a thin brush that makes you easier when you apply it on your eyes..
one swipe can makes your eyes look more bright and glittery.. 
this eyeliner is long lasting..^^ 
not easily remove and I think this eyeliner goona be in my pouch for a long time.. 
can you imagine? 8gr of tear liner.. 
If you use it everyday, I think for me it'll be take 2 years to finish it..!
the texture is liquid and not too watery..

Here the swatch:

If you're not a big fan of glittery things, better you don't you this eyeliner..
this eyeliner sometimes hard to remove, especially the glitter.. 
But, If the glitter goes into your eyes, you'll feel nothing.. 
not hurt or not makes your eyesight blurry..

I think I'll buy another shade, I pick shade number 3, because shade #3 is has pink glitter..
I LOVE pink so much.. so see you in my next post..^^
Love you all..