In this modern world so many people do online bussiness.. 
especially in beauty..!
Since I was on 16 y.o I already see that on facebook, then move to instagram and other social media account, but sometimes I hard to find the 'trusted online shop'..
that's why I reccomend you all to choose web base online shop, since they are more trustworthy..
one of my favorite online shop is they are not from Indonesia but from Korea just like,, or

Jolse is an beauty and fashion online shop which have a great and fast service..
Since I never buy online at the three other shops (maybe later I'll try), so Jolse is the only one online shop that I already try..
and it's amazing..~!

first of all they provide a nice packaging with a lot of bubble warp and huge samples..!!!
In local online shop, usually we only given one or two samples by the online shop, but Jolse give you a LOT of samples hahaha..!

see that sample lols.. 
not only samples, mask sheet also included.. 

their customer service Lee Ji Eun is very fast respond..
and finally after a long time, I can work together with Jolse..^^ 
thank you so much Jolse for choosing me..~

by the way about the shipping I got my package in 2 weeks (15 days)
they sent to me at 13 November and I receive it today 28 November..
quite fast right? 
If we choose local online shop who provide Pre-order items usually 3 weeks.. 
so what are you waiting for girls??

1. Open
2. buy your favorite product..
3. Receive it and see what will you get.. 
4. You'll feel impressed a lot with their service..^^

see yaa in my next post about this two cute items..^^