hellooo..! my lovely reader..
How are you?
Today I gonna review a cute eyeshadow palette from Etude House..
Since this product is released by Etude House, I already safe my money to buy it.. XD
anybody please welcome "Fantastic Color Eyes..!"
This cute eyeshadow palette have two shades, and I choose this one..
I decide to buy it before it's gone just like Play color eyes or rose flowering eyes..

yeay..! Finally I've got something "Limited edition" on my pocket..

Product Description

This eyeshadows comes in two shades:
#1 Bloody Hallowen
#2 Bohemian Soul

Netto: 0.5g x 1, 0.7g x 5

This palette come with a very simple packaging, I don't know what happen to "cute" concept of Etude House.. They already not use that Cute concept anymore.. Nowadays, Etude always use a simple packaging and elegant.. I miss the old Etude with cute pinky concept.. :(
This palette is just like another eyeshadow palette, but I think this palette is not strong enough..
For sure, If you drop it, your eyeshadow will turn into powder..
In the images below, you can see that Etude not place the "wonderlust" color properly.. slightly tilted.. But it's not a big problem for me, I'm still love this palette SO MUCH..! ^^

About the texture, this eyeshadow is a little bit powdery but the color pay off is great..!
Super pigmented.. Etude House really change their eyeshadow quality very well..
Still remember right? about the pigmentation of Korean brands eyeshadow.. They always come with a natural color, sometimes even not pigmented at all, but now, almost all brands change their quality and their eyeshadow comes with a great pigmentation..
This eyeshadow also comes with a very great pigmentation..
Even for me, when I applied it on my hand, the result is better if I applied it directly on my eyes..
Sometimes eyeshadow is have a great pigmentation on your hand but when you apply it on your eyes, the color is more light.. But, this eyeshadow not like that..
Trully more pigmented on your eyes than your hand.. Try it and you'll love it..!

Folk Song ~ Matte soft brown color, you can use this as a bronzer too..
Apricot Jam ~ a Coral blusher but also can be coral eyeshadow cream..
Ethnic Coral ~ pink mixed with peach color..
Gypsy Queen ~ light Gold color with sparkly glitter..!
Wonderlust ~ super Gold color..
Freedom ~ almost matte dark brown color..

Trust me, this color is applied without any primer, and when you use it on your eyes, the color is more darker than that picture above.. see below:

1. apply folk song all over eyelid
2. use gypsy queen in the corner of you eyes
3. blend wonderlust + freedom from middle to the end of your eyes
4. apply a little of freedom under the eyes
(more pigmented right?)
I love this eyeshadow for daily looks..
how about you?
will you purchase it?

see you in the next post gurls..!