Anybody here is a big fan of Aloe Vera?
Me! I'm a big fan of aloe, everytime my face get so much trouble I always take a fresh Aloe and just spread the gel all over my face..
Sometimes when you use a fresh aloe, you'll feel a little bit itchy because of the gel, but don't worry, It'll not harm your face..
In this modern period so many cosmetics brand already use aloe vera for their products.. 
until now, we can found 92-99% extract aloe vera in their product, for the example Nature Republic, Tony Moly, and Holika-holika, they have 92-99% aloe vera extract..

And now my favorite brand of makeup just release their 92% Aloe vera shooting gel also..
yeaayyy... T~T I'm so happy..
Finally Etude House also release this.. 
Before Etude House release their aloe, actually I want to try Nature Republic, but since there is so much Nature Republic Fake Product, I decide to wait until Etude House release this aloe product..

Before we jump into the review, let's we talk about the function of this product..
I found so many function in this product..

1. As a base and moisturizer for your face.
2. Reduce the sunburn effect.
3. If your eyes swolen, put this on cotton and place on your eyes.
4. After shaving, use this to soothing your skin.
5. Want to have shiny hair? use this on your hair.
6. Use all over your body to help your skin healthy.
7. Want to have a cheap nail treatment? Use this on your nails.
8. Reduce itchy (itchy because of irritation or alergic, I try this product on my irritation skin and this is work. Help me reduce the itchy feeling)

that's 8 function that I found from the picture above and after I try this product..
okay, let's go to the main review..!

It's trully a huge jar..!
totally worth it with your budget..
the packaging is made from plastic, hard and safe..
so don't worry if you drop this jar, as long as you close the jar perfectly..

This gel have a light texture and not sticky..
It's also contain baobab tree extract..  I'm so happy that this product is really natural and not contain paraben and other dangerous ingredients..
the expired is 12 month after opening.. I'm really sure that I can finish it before 12 months..
I use it all over my body, my body have a very dry skin..
My face is oily but my body is dry.. that is because lack of nutrition..
bad eating habbits makes me lack of nutrition, so I always consume vitamin and use any product to help my skin keep healthy...

This gel is watery texture and quickly absorb to your skin..
I use this gel after take a bath to keep my skin moisture..
and everytime I feel my skin dry I spread again this gel..
I love the soothing effect..
When I use this on my face, I love how this gel is absorb very nice even I have an oily face..
this product doesn't make your face looks oily but this product give you a nice moisture to your oily skin.. Oily skin needs moisturizer too right?
Not only my face, I also use this gel on my other part of my body..
so I trully love this product..
I'll repurchase for sure..!

how about you? will you try this product too?
the price is also cheap..
Only 5.900 won on Etude House Website..
see yaa.. XD

Bonus Pic..!