Finally new review in this new month.. 
Welcome December..~! already in the last month of this year.. 
2015 is coming soon..~
Today I wanna review a new item from Aritaum.. 
Actually it's not a new but I think it is the new version of the old 
Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tint..


Volume : 1.8g
Made in Korea

(I'm sorry for this lippies product, I cannot find the ingredients list.. on the Aritaum site, the ingredients list is written in Korean)

there is 11 shades.. when Jolse kindly tell me to free choosing the shade, I pick number 2 and 9..

this cuttie lippies come with a plastic seal no box.. It's kinda hard to know what is the ingredient list and there is no 'date' even expired or production date..
My beauty blogger friend tell me the production date is written in black print on the tube of the tint..  first I think there is no production date, because I can't see it.. then I try to see and see again until I found it.. thanks ci Rini..!^^
the cap is have the same color with the lipstick and there is a cute different pattern each shade..
I think the packaging is kinda classic with that black and gold.. I prefer the old packaging.. more colorful..~!

this product have a very strong fruity scent which I love it so much..
I love makeup with a fruity scent inside..
they also have a matte texture but creamy.. not drying on your lips..
I love shade number 2 so much..!!
the color is trully pink.. but I kinda dissapointed with number 9 not because of the texture,
but because of the color.. number 9 have a very different color with the picture..
first, I think the color will look soft burgundy just like in the picture but it's not..
it's very red, dark red I think.. lols..~
in the bottom of the product you can see the cushion sponge..
I love the sponge..! it's trully help you to smooth over the color..
here is the swatch. I love shade #2 Angel so much..
Actually it's kinda more pink in the real life, pardon my bad camera..
number #9 Bjork also very red in the real life..
this lipiies not longlasting, just like another lippies which can be easily transfer into glass when you drink or will fade after you eat..
so have you already try the new color?

What I love about this product is:
~ not drying
~ the sponge is great
~ #2 Angel color is great.. ^^

What I don't love about this product is:
~ shade #9 not burgundy red..
~ not long lasting

For buying click this link below..^^
(this product was sponsored by Jolse, all review is based on my honest opinion)

see yaa..~!