Hello everyone.. Talking about sun which is our friend but also our enemy is a very topic that I love.. Since I was kid, I always love summer than rainy days, I live in Indonesia which is a tropical country, so summer is always start from April and the sun always get more hot at May until July.. These day our sky is always blue and there is no cloud.. That mean the sun is very damaging.. Live in the hot days is my favorite, I always hate cold days because I can't handle cold season, I can't imagine if I live in the country which have winter..! Because I prefer hot than cold so I must provide many things to keep my skin healthy and reduce the risk of skin cancer..

What is sun safety week? 
Sun safety week is a week that we spend to raise the awareness of the important to keep our skin healthy and reduce the risk of skin cancer..Actually I was introduced to this topic from Oscar, a health insurance provider in New York and New Jersey in the United States. They have a trusted team of nurses and healthcare experts on call to answer any questions members may have. They will even answer questions on how to protect your skin so if you're interested in learning more, check them out!

Be a person who love sunshine and keep our skin healthy is very easy..! Now a days, so many people still don't know about the dangerous behind the sun.. Sun is our friend to our life but also the enemy of our skin.. Since the ozone layer is getting more thin so Sun become our enemy.. Ozone layer is a layer that reflect the dangerous effect of sun.. Because the ozone layer is already brake, so we need other protection to keep our skin safe..^^

The most precious thing to help our skin safe is by using sunblock..~!
Sunblock give our skin a protection from the harmful UVA and UVB.. I know sun is our friend too.. Sun provide vit D which great to keep our bone healthy but since the UVA and UVB is very dangerous to our skin, you can get Vit D from other food too such as salmon, tuna and mushroom..^^

Actually the sun awareness was held at May, but since summer is long I think we can help to share the sun awareness everytime at summer.. so This week I dedicate my self to share about the sun awareness to everyone.. that's why I will post about this.. Well, since the most precious thing to prevent summer is sunblock, so let's we talk about the type of sunblock..

There is so many type of sunblock that you can get from the market.. For the SPF it's self you can choose SPF30 PA++ for a mild but this SPF is really the best and perfect for our daily protection..
Let's we talk about the type of sunblock, shall we?

Type of Sunblock..~!
1. Cream or lotion
This is the most common sunblock that we can get it at the market.. Cream usually thick and a bit hard to apply, cream or lotion is very perfect for our body.. Now, many brands that provide cream sunblock make their sunblock waterproof, so we can use it to swim and play at beach..

2. Gel
Gel also look like a cream which usually come with a tube, but gel type is very fresh and based on water base, so it's very light and very good for face.. I really love gel type of sunblock..

3. Mist and Spray
This is a convenient sunblock type.. you just need to spray spray and spray.. I don't recommend the spray for face, better you pick mist type for face.. Spray is for body and mist for face..

4. Powder
Powder is definetly for our face, powder type is very fresh and create a soft finish to our face.. One of Korean brands that provide powder type is Tonymoly, they have My Sunny Tok Tok Sun Powder.. I heard that this product is great.. XD

5. Stick
Stick type is very convenient also, especially for face and neck, you just need to glide that balm stick into your face and you're done.. If you are a lazy girl who lazy to re-apply suncream, I think this is best for you.. I'm also a lazy girl, sometimes I'm lazy to reapply my sunblock, I'll purchase stick type for re-apply process.. XD..

6. Sun primer
Sun primer is a sunblock which have color, it fix our skintone and give a nice oil control effect.. It's not a primer, it's a sunblock but have a bit more function in it.. For oily skin type this is very perfect..!

So pick your favorite type and use it..~!
I hope you'll share the same information about the important of use sunblock to everyone too.. By the way, sunblock is the best anti aging product.. want to look 10 years younger when you step into 30y.o? you better use sunblock everyday and re-apply it after 2 hours if you are exposed too much by the sun.. For me sunblock is my daily medicine.. I don't want to look old and want to stop aging at my face..! so sunblock is my life now.. lols~!

see ya in the next post girls.. Don't forget to share to the world about sun awareness..^^