Hi girlsss or boys maybe.. I think almost many of you wondering how I can achieve that super bright images with only an automatic camera.. If you wondering, I don't use any DSLR camera because I don't have it and I want to buy a mirrorless camera later after I have the money.. so I think this tips is really usefull for any new beauty blogger or maybe the old beauty blogger can use this tips too.. 

Talking about blogging life, I've used a camera pocket when I started.. It's very hard to achieve a bright image when you use a pocket camera.. After that I got a new camera from my dad, it's an automatic one but bigger and larger and more good quality than a pocket camera.. So here I'm now.. Still use my automatic camera.. Actually I really want a mirrorless camera which is a DSLR but in a mini size.. It's perfect for selfie and taking piture for my blog.. I hope I can buy it someday..

Use an automatic camera is not easy.. I always prefer not an automatic things, manual is better..! When you use automatic you can't adjust the ISO for a better light picture.. you also can't adjust the focus.. everything is automatic.. SIGH..~! so this time I gonna give you my secret tips to get an endless background which blend to your blog post.. Everyone know right that clean picture is the best.. This tips is for a person who not lazy to edit and lazy to take an artistic picture.. I love artistic picture just like this picture:

But since my camera can't take like that picture above, so I just edit it until it become like this:
An Endless background hahahaha..! Edit an endless background is very easy girls.. so Liza, How to achieve that white and clean background? The answer is you need a good photo editor..
I use two best photo editor for me..

1. Photoscape..
Photoscape is very usefull to get a bright picture easily and to give a cute font like my Innisfree picture above.. Sometimes I also use this to put my watermark..

2. Photoshop CS5
I don't have the new photoshop so I just use this CS5, even this is the older version but CS5 is quite good and for beginner like me, to use a new photoshop is a biggest fear since I'm not pro to use this.. I only use photoshop to adjust the curve layer, brush tool, sharpen images, dodge tool, and sometimes type tool..

Both of them I use it by combine them.. so for the first editing I use photoscape to brighten my image and after that I use my photoshop to make it a borderless..

Here is the photoscape editor looks like..:

You just need to click editor button and it's very easy to use.. Beginner can use this very easily..
Usually I brighten my image by 100, and click OK, after that I brighten my image once again by 30-50 depends on the darken on my picture.. After that you just need to save it and open your photoshop..^^

I got the tutorial from Youtube about how to make the background on my picture white and clean use photoshop CS5..
Here is what the photoshop looks like:
Ok, I guess you'll very confused about how to use this? I'm also still very noob, even you can't say that I'm a begginers.. My photoshop skill is under the begginers level hahaha..
see the button that I click at the picture? It's called Dodge tool, that tool is the only one and very usefull for my blogger life.. haha.. The other tool is just a plus plus solution..
Set the Range and the exposure just like my picture above and start cleaning your pic.. It works like a magic really..

I can't give a complete tutorial right now, because I'm very lazy to capture the picture one by one, I'll give a video tutorial later If I have a chance.. ^^  But that's all my secret about how to achieve that clean picture, maybe If you can't wait me to make a video tutorial and you want to try it yourself, try search a tutorial from youtube.. But I really suggest you to learn how to be a good photographer.. Actually If I have a DSLR camera later, I'll try to take an artistic picture just like the picture that I mention earlier..

Some popular blogger also take an artictic picture and I like it very much.. I really want to be a good photographer for my blog.. An endless looking picture is good also but don't have any artistic side I think..
That's all my little tips for today, see ya in my next review girls.. I have three more review that I'll post it soon.. If you have any question just comment below, I'll reply you.. xoxo..~!