Waw.. This time I do this again.. Lol..~! After the Jolse and why Jolse post, now I want to share about my another favorite online shop.. I write this not because K-Lens Pop has been sponsored me but because I really like that shop also.. Fast shipping, good costumer care.. 

K-Lens Pop is a contact lens online shop but now they are growing into the next level.. I mean not only contact lens but you can see at their website right now that they also sell cosmetic and accessories.. I really want to see they sell a lot of cosmetic in the future.. For now, they still focus on selling contact lens..

I always notice that a lot of people shopping at this contact lens store.. What the different between them and the others? I trying to figure it out and find that they have so many event, especially for the FREE items.. lol.. Girls eyes always become bling-bling when they see a free product right?
Not only free but also they have a fast costumer service.. I always love, I repeat, I ALWAYS LOVE online shop that have a fast costumer service, they reply our email very fast, they answer our questions very fast.. everything fast.. 
I really hate online shop who have a very late respon.. It's sucks.. !!
K-Lens Pop costumer service is very fast just like Jolse costumer service.. Both of them is amazing.. 

When I've been sponsored by K-Lens Pop, they always give a very fast response to my email.. Not only fast response but also fast shipping.. I never got trouble for my package and I always receive it within two weeks.. From Korea to Indonesia within 2 weeks is fast for me.. 

Another thing that I love to share is about their site, they have a complete information given.. Maybe many of you wondering how can I've been sponsored by K-Lens Pop?
I apply it to their sponsorship program and I got a chance to review.. If you blogger and want to try your luck, you can try to apply.. 

Finally, I always love to share about my favorite onlineshop at my blog.. later I'll share another online shop.. see yaa.. <3