Holla Skinfood lovers.. So This time I wanna share my interest in two new face makeup product from Skinfood and also I wanna share all about new makeup things in Skinfood.. I do love Skinfood, Skinfood is also my favorite makeup line even they are more focus into their skincare line..~!
Let's Start with:
Skinfood Vita Water Pore Fit Cushion Bottle SPF50+ PA+++
[Price: 25.000won]
Skinfood is really creative.. I must say that because they release a new type of cushion called cushion bottle.. Since this is a huge product so definetly it's worth the price also.. XD Regular cushion is really a tiny size with a mini foundation inside.. This cushion bottle really come with an air puff and also mirror on the top.. wew..~! *big applause to Skinfood*
I really want to try this one.. It say that this cushion is really lightweight and cooling effect..

Skinfood Vita Water Tinted Moisturizer SPF30 PA++
[Price: 14.000won]
Not only the cushion bottle, Skinfood also release a new face makeup.. This tinted moisturizer is a BB + CC + Foundation, It's remind me of Tonymoly BCDation.. This tinted moisturizer claim that it has a moisturizing and lightweight bbut also give a nice coverage.. O.O I think when I saw the promotional picture, this tinted moisturizer has a  yellow undertone color, really perfect for my skin.. I always want to get a yellow undertone BB cream, so my face and my body tone will same, my face is very pinky -__- but my skin is yellowish..

Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek Trio
[Price: 9000won]
I think Skinfood is remake their old fruit brunch lip box into this new product.. they mix and create a new color also in this new lip and cheek product..^^

Skinfood Vita Color Lip Gloss
[Price: 8000won]
Actually I don't know when this product is release but I think this is a new product too.. This product remind me of Innisfree Real Fluid Rouge.. It has a same texture I think.. I want to try this lippies also.. <3

That's all I got from Skinfood site, all images also credited to Skinfood Korea..
Actually Skinfood also release a new Rice brightening line to their skincare.. But Since I'm not big sucker of skincare line so I don't share it in here.. I saw at Jolse yesterday and Jolse already release and sell that Skinfood brightening line..see yaa lovely..<3