Hello pretty ladies.. Around two weeks ago Jolse ask me to do a review of A-True CC Cushion.. WOW, This is my first time try a CC cushion.. Usually we use BB cushion right, and know CC cream has evolved into cushion form.. :3 It's really interesting to try.. By the way, have you already try A-True brand? A·TRUE is the True brand represented from “a cup of the finest black tea.”  The ‘Compagnie Coloniale’ brand is the First and Oldest premium black tea brand in France - it delivers absolute value. A·TRUE presents “True Personal Care,” with its unique textures and outstanding benefits, all of which are formulated with various prescribed blends, proven to be very valuable in France for the past 200 years. But A-True is not a France Brand but a Korean Brand.. A-True is cruelty free and also adopt eco program.. 

[Radiant + Firming + Hydrating + Tone + Brightening + Boosting] 
This revolutionary formula benefits from a foundation which holds six multi-functions that help revitalize and illuminate the skin tone maintaining overall skin brightness and transparency. Micro particles of mineral powder completely fill the uneven skin tone. Its color controlling effects help find the individual natural beauty to show a clear and gorgeous look.

Brand: A-True
Volume: 12 gr
Price: USD 41.80 (Include one free Refill)
Shade: 01 Light Beige, 02 True Beige

Their packaging is so elegant and pretty.. A-True cushion have a burgundy red packaging with a pink cushion place.. I love their packaging and concept.. I hope A-True will make another make-up too, for now, A-True is focusing on their skincare.. A-True has an ingredients list and other explanation inside the box.. I love how this brand give a real and true complete information on the product.. Almost all Korean brand usually don't have a complete information or usually the information given is in the korean language..

The cushion puff has a beige color.. The quality of the air puff is more bouncy than my Innisfree air puff.. The cushion sponge is shaped like a rice cookie, different with ordinary cushion sponge.. Rice cookie sponge help you to take the proper amount easily.. Sometimes when you use cushion, you'll feel your cushion is almost finish, but, when you try to open the sponge using tiny toothpick, you'll find that the liquid is stuck at the bottom of the cushion, Rice Cookie shape will help you, this sponge is keep make the top of your cushion moist and full with the CC cream, so you don't need to turn your sponge into the opposite direction again.. I'll show you the different between rice cookie sponge and the ordinary sponge at the picture below..

Since A-True have a 'True' concept, they don't use any harsh ingredients, A-True CC cushion is formulated without Paraben, Ethanol, Phenoxyethanol, Benzophenone, Triethanolamine, Talc, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum and SLS..  This CC cushion have a nice texture which give a nice coverage but still light, your skin will not dry because this cushion have a moisturizing ingredients.. All redness and uneven skin tone will be covered by this CC cushion.. not as good as concealer's coverage but this cushion really make my skin more bright and bye bye dull and redness skin.. so, I can say that this CC cushion have a medium coverage, usually CC cream is give a light coverage but make your uneven skin tone look same..

I have a darker skin tone Usually I pick shade #21 or #23 on Korean BB cream, so for this CC cushion I pick shade number #2 true beige when Jolse ask me to review it... :3 This cushion only have two shades.. But the bad news is this cushion shade still one tone more bright than my real skin.. XD I hope there is shade #3 the darker shade.. when I use this my face turn bright and my neck skin will look like tanned skin..~ How I hate that feeling.. Usually when I meet this problem I'll use Light Beige shade to my neck so it give an illusion that all my skin is have a same color with my face.. hehe~ 

(Left: With, Right: bare skin)
Overall I truly love this CC cushion, elegant packaging, get one free refill, medium coverage, not cakey.. About the lasting power, I use this for 4 hours without use any primer or any powder, my face will start to oily around my nose but when I use primer or powder to set it up, the lasting power will increase.. This is also not giving an over glowing effect but give a moist and silky look.. By the way, this cushion is not sticky to our face and give a powdery finish but still moist.. 

What I like about this product is:
~ Medium coverage but still light weight
~ Elegant packaging

What I don't like about this product is:
~ The shade is too light for me

Don't forget to buy it when buy one get one refill event is still holding..
to buy this product:
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(this product was sponsored by Jolse, all review is based on my honest opinion)