HI girls...~! Long time I'm not writing about a new release product.. This time I gonna share about Innisfree summer collection.. Innisfree already make me fall in love deeply with their brand.. Have you all still remember about 2014 Summer Collection? All their collection is very pretty but since now is already 2015, Innisfree launch some interesting product to try..~! 

Let's start with :
Innisfree NEW Long Wear Cushion Limited Edition 2015
[Price: 20.000won]
Still remember about how great Long Wear Cushion from Innisfree is? Now, Innisfree added some new formula and I already read about many review that the new Long wear cushion is really more good than the older one.. Plus this time there is a limited edition cushion case.. Oh GOD I want this so badly.. I hope I can buy it.. *start collecting money*

Innisfree Cushion Primer
[Price: 10.000won]
This is a new primer that very special because the name is cushion primer that's mean you use this before a cushion.. This primer also really great to control sebum and take care of your pores and fine wrinkles.. 

Innisfree Anti Darkening Fixer
[Price: 10.000won]
Who can't resist to try this product? Anti darkening.. UWOWW..~! I always hate makeup that oxidize, it make my face turn into dull and dark.. I hate that, I think this fixer will help.. It says that this fixer will prevent your makeup to darkening.. 

Innisfree Glow Liquid Shadow
[Price: 9000won]
This is the another product that I can't resist..!!!! You all know that I'm a big fan of eye makeup so this one definetly my favorite than other product displayed here..!! Innisfree launch a new type of eyeshadow that called Glow Liquid Shadow.. I bet that this shadow is very long lasting and not easily smudge even in hot days.. <3

Innisfree Auto Pencil Liner no 5-9
[Price: 6000won]
Actually this pencil liner also a new one.. Number 1-4 is a daily color such as black, brown and champagne, but this new color is really a summer spirit colors..!

Innisfree Eco Nail Color Pro
[Price: 3000won]
Yeay a bright colored nail will be great for summer.. For those nail lover, I think you should try this one.. XD

SOOOO which one is your favorite girls? Ah for your information, Jolse already sell some of this new collection such as primer, fixer, and the new cushion, the new cushion is not with the limited case but already a new formula at Jolse..!^^ 
See yaa in my next post..^^ Love yaa..~!
All Images credited to Innisfree Korea and edited by me..^^