Hello Girls..! I think this is my first skincare routine? I rarely use a skincare but I do start to care about my skin.. Oh my gosh, my skin is already go into 22y.o skin.. it looks more old, less bouncy than my 17y.o skin.. I see some wrinkle and dark spot OMG..!! I don't have a big and many skincare like other people do, but I just do what is suitable for my skin right now..~

How important skincare to your life girls? I don't really think too much about skincare, but I want my face looks the same like now when I 35 years old.. I'm 22 now, so my goal is 13 years later I'll have the same cute face just like I have it now.. lols~
It's really a big goal, I have a kid later but I still like 22 years old girls.. what a hot mommy right?!
My skincare routine is really simple and not expensive.. >.< I just use what I need for my age right know, please don't use a skincare which is not suitable for your age, It can caused break outs and many more..
I think this skincare line is really suitable for 17-25 years old girls.. after 25 I think I'll start to use many anti-aging skincare.. for now this is my skincare routine..

To keep my oily face clean and not dull, we need something that have a lees oil and oil control face wash.. Usually I use Himalaya herbals face wash but still it's a little bit hard to found near my home, so I do have a spare brand, I use Acnes..^^
Acnes is really a good brand from Mentholatum..! I use oil control face wash from Acnes to replace my Himalaya herbals face wash if I can't found it near my home.. hehe~ Usually after I go out, I clean my face first use Clean & Clear oil control toner then wash my face using Acnes..^^
Acnes oil control facewash is really good in oil control.. I wash my face and after 4-5 hours my face still not oily.. ~

After I clean my face I use serum..~! Actually there is one product that I missed in here, I use a pure aloe gel from Etude house as my daily cream after I use this serum.. C20 pure vitamin is good for take care dull skin and It's skin syn-ake serum is for take care my fine wrinkle around my eyes..

Last but the most important to our life is protection..! Sunblock is a must for my daily life.. XD Sunblock is anti-aging number 1 product..! maybe the result can't be seen today but, 10-20 years later, we can see the different between people who use sunblock and no.. Dust cut is just a facial mist that help me to protect my skin from dust and pollutan.. ^^

I think that's all of my current skincare routine.. If you want to ask or need my help you can always email me or drop comment..^^
see ya on another post girls.. <3