Eyebrow againn??? OMG lol~! Yes this is another eyebrow review girls.. I can't get enough for one eyebrow product.. This time is a comparison review.. Holika-holika released a new eyebrow product called Wonder Drawing Skinny Eyebrow.. Whuutttt? Skinny eyebrow? and what's the different between that and the older Wonder Drawing 24hr Auto Eyebrow?? Today I gonna tell all about the different.. :3

Wonder Drawing 24hr Auto eyebrow:
Brand: Holika-holika
Price: USD 5.98
Shade: 01 Gray Black, 02 Dark Brown, 03 Light Brown, 04 Red Brown

Wonder Drawing Skinny eyebrow:
Brand: Holika-holika
Price: USD 7.98
Shade: 01 Black, 02 Dark Brown, 03 Light Brown, 04 Red Brown
Both of them have a similar packaging, even the color of the packaging it self, but the 'Skinny' is soo tiny and slim.. I thought 'Skinny' packaging is almost same with a chopstick.. I'm so afraid If I drop it, It'll brake..O~O They come in plastic seal only.. '24hr' has a brown print and glossy packaging while'Skinny' has a white print and dove packaging..

'Skinny' has a very tiny pencil.. I saw at their promotional picture, 'Skinny' have 1.5mm size only.. '24hr' has a 4mm size.. It's very interesting and a new concept for me.. I never saw other brand have a very tiny eyebrow pencil like 'Skinny'.. 'Skinny' is very useful for those who want to draw a perfect line on their eyebrow before filling it..  'Skinny' shape is round and '24hr' shape is isosceles trapezoid I think..
For this comparison I took the same color, dark brown, so we can see the different between the color..^^ Both of them have a nice dark brown color and both of them also very long lasting.. My eyebrow area is fu**in oily, so I need a long lasting eyebrow pencil.. '24hr' and 'skinny' have a same color, same pigmented and same lasting power, so I can said that both of them have a same quality.. Only the packaging and the shape which is different..
Overall, I think after I finished both of them I'll do buy '24hr', because it's cheaper.. 'Skinny' also good, but because the size is too small, it'll finish more faster than '24hr'.. 'Skinny' also more fragile than '24hr'..
I really love Holika-holika eyebrow product after I try the brow-cara.. If you want to get a natural eyebrow, Holika-holika also launch their eyebrow powder.. You can buy it also at Jolse..  Hopefully this comparison review will help you to choose the best eyebrow product for you..^^ Maybe if you have thin eyebrow, 'skinny' will be good for you..

What I like about Skinny product is:
~ very thin make me easier draw eyebrow line
~ long lasting

What I don't like about Skinny product is:
~ very fragile
~ more expensive than '24hr'

What I like about 24hr product is:
~ Cheaper than skinny
~ long lasting
~ the brush is more soft than 'skinny' brush

What I don't like about 24hr product is:
~ nothing

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(this product was sponsored by Jolse, all review is based on my honest opinion)