I think I rarely review a blusher right.. >.< Pardon me..
From all my post, this is my second blusher review O.O.. Omg.. Actually for your information, why I rarely review a blusher is because I rarely use it too.. I just love my normal face, but since I try this blusher, my life change forever.. hahahha.. Big thank's to Jolse..! Jolse kindly send me this one to try and review it.. so are you start to curious about this blusher?


Brand: Aritaum
Volume: 8 gr
Price: USD 9.98
Shade: 01 Posey Pink, 02 Milk Coral, 03 Daisy Coral, 04 Juicy Pitch
Aritaum Packaging is very simple.. Without any box just a plastic seal.. The compact it self just come with a color which representative the blusher color.. At this series there was two different blusher, this cushion blusher and the other one is velvet blusher.. Cushion blusher has a cream type while Velvet blusher is a pact blusher.. This cushion blusher also come with a tiny cute air puff.. The air puff is really cute girls.. >.< Even at the first time when this blusher arrived, I can't use it.. I just open it and play with that puff.. The puff is really cute XD
There is 4 shades for this blusher and I get number #3.. Yeayy..! It's coral.. I never use pink blusher because my skin is pinkish already, every time sun attack my face, my face will become red easily so Orange or coral will suit my skin better.. This blusher is pigmented and have a watery and creamy texture, not thick but very lightweight..I don't know why, but Aritaum Creamy product is have a watery and light texture, usually when I see"Cream" product I always find it thick and a little bit hard to blend, but Aritaum creamy texture is awesome.. :3
Just like I said at top, this is coral.. <3
the color is just lovely, isn't it? I don't find any trouble to use this since this is a cushion, I just need to dab dab to my fluffy cheeks..  You can use this as an eyeshadow too if you want..  Overall I love this blusher and the puff especially.. I think I gonna use this for a long time, creamy texture will always finished for a long time.. How about you all girls? already try this awesome blusher? Since this is so cheap, why you don't add this to your pouch?

(pardon my suck camera can't catch the blusher color perfectly)

What I like about this product is:
~ Very light creamy texture
~ Easy to blend
~ CHEAP..!!

What I don't like about this product is:
~ Nothing..~

to buy this product:
see yaa in the next post..^^
(this product was sponsored by Jolse, all review is based on my honest opinion)