Yeay this is the last day of 2014..~
so for close this year, I make another simple tutorial for New year eve party..!
Actually, today I don't have any plan to go for a party,
I just stay in home with my boyfie and cooks some delicious meal together..
I already do this with him for 2 years every New year eve..
Bandung city is have a bad traffic jam, especially when a special day like today..
so rather than go outside it's better stay in home and do some lovely thing together..

Oh my god, sfter editing, I forget to add my eyeliner product..
in the nomor 4 I use Etude house easy and quick pen liner for draw my eyeline..^^
here is full product photo:

SELFIE time..! haha

so Is that good or no?
give me your comments..^^
I will love to hear about how is my makeup for my lovely reader..^^
see yaa..~
HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL.. although is too early..