Hello ladies..How are you..? It's a new day and a new year..! Yuhhuuu this is my first post at January of 2015.. I hope this year will become a good year.. so start this 2015 I'll do some changing to my blog, such as the alignment of my blog post..~

so, today I gonna share about a new product from Skinfood.. Maybe we can say this is a remake from their old collection.. Do you still remember of Jungle Fruit Line from Skinfood? One of the product is this tint, and now they use a new packaging. I think some people still don't now about this product yet.. so let me review it.. XD

Brand : Skinfood
Volume : 3.3g
Price : USD 10.98

the packaging it self, is kinda eyecatching to me.. That's why I want to try this one.. XD
It's comes with a cardboard packaging which show you the tint itself.. Very cute right? I know Skinfood is popular with their skincare line but after I try their makeup, I start to fall in love with it.. 

The tint bottle is so so so so damn cute..!! The bottle is looks like a bottle of a milk product, which make me want to drink it lols..~! One thing that super creative is you can't open it just like you open a milk, but you need to open the white part, and after that you can look into the tint.. XD The tip is just like other lip product tip..

This liptint have a glossy texture when you put it but the glossy effect will start to dissapeared by it self..  I pick the last color of the shade, Orchid Berry.. Orchid Berry has a purple tint.. I heard that Skinfood have a nice purple color, different with Etude House.. When I purchased a lipstick that have a purple shade from Etude House, it's turn into pink color.. I think Skinfood have the best purple color for their lip product..

The color is truly purple.. XD truly purple.. Oh my..~! This liptint is quite long lasting, after eat the tint color still visible, but you still to retouch.. This tint is have a thick texture, this is not a lip tint I think, looks like lip laquer than a liptint.. I think I will love to try Peach berry and coral berry shades.. Since If you know that I'm a big fan of Liptint.. My lips is too dry to use lipstick.. so sad.. So I always prefer to use liptint than lipstick.. This lip tint also not drying on my lips.. 
I think this is really a lip laquer, because it's a lipgloss (a little bit glossy after you use it) and a liptint (the color stay for a long time).. the smell is like a grape fruit but not too strong..

What I like about this product is:
~ Not drying
~ Great Color, truly purple color..^^
~ long lasting..
~ cheap of course..!
~ cute packaging

What I don't like about this Product is:
~ Thick texture

to buy this product:
see yaa in the next post..^^
(this product was sponsored by Jolse, all review is based on my honest opinion)