hello my beauty reader.. 
ups, this time I will not post about beauty..
For your information, I'm is one of the "most changing blogger header"
lols..~ Can you count how many times I change my header a lot?
yeah, I'm still can't found something that really suit to my header..
so when I make a new header for the first time I'll love it, then, the other next weeks, I already get bored with it..
I hope later I'll find something cute and simple and suit to my blog.. 
Until that time, for sure I'll change my header depends on my mood..

here is my header history since I change my blog name into CherriessPink..
at the first stage I pick my blog description is "under 20$ beauty" and actually it's still under 20$ till now.. If I get more than 20$ like cushion product or something, that product must be sponsored or I get from giveaway.. I never purchased above 20$ not because I'm stingy, but I don't have many money and my budget is limited..

1st Header
I'm use a bunny logo..! so cute right.. lols..

2nd Header
uwow I pick a cute little girl..

3rd Header
trying to change my English blog name into korean blog name.. lols..

4th Header
Back to basic just a simple white and black.. so boring right?

5th Header
CHildish header made by my sister.. actually I love the girl, but I don't like the blog name
6th Header
I took my best picture of my blog and made it into my header..
I love this one.. but I still feel something not suitable..

7th Header 
I will use this header until I make a new one.. just a simple purple header which suitable with my blog template right now..

so, what do you think about this?
which one actually the most cutest header.. 
this is the part one maybe if later I already change 7 times again I'll write the part two lols..
see yaa.. XD