Holla girls..^^
Since I start busy with my final project, I become very lazy to update my blog.. huaaa.. sorry for that..
And by the way I would like to apologize because my giveaway is canceled for a reason, I buy some product for surprise and the product is not coming, the shop said, It'll be long if I want to wait, so I decide to cancel it and I promise I will giveaway korean product for my reader..^^
I'm so sorry about that..
so, Have you heard about this eye primer?
After I kinda dissapointed with my E.L.F eyelid Primer, I choose this product for replace my E.L.F
This is it... Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl Eye primer..

As usual, Tony Moly have a very simple packaging..
but I love tony moly, because They have a great product, such as Tony Moly Backstage gel liner..
I do want to buy it but, It's kinda very hard to find one online shop selling this product ready.. hahaha
Back to the eye primer..
Eye primer is an important things for my daily life..
As you know, I'm still a student and I must use make up everyday..
For that reason, I need this eye primer to keep my eye make up last longer..

For anybody searching a great eye primer, you should choose this one..
If I compared with my Old Eye primer from Etude, This Eye primer have a great function same as Etude House proof 10 eye primer..

You can see from that picture, that this Eye Primer increase my eyeshadow color..
So for buy this one you can go to Kawaii House they sell many ready stock items..
see yaaa in the next post..^^

I have many great new items to review.. hahaha
bonus pic:
I use this eye primer to get a great pigmentation for that eyelook..^^
With love,
Liza chan