yeay yeay yeay...^^
Finally.. I can review this little cutie lip tint ever..
do you know about this tint before?
I think you all know about Etude House Color Pop Tint, but the mini one??
yuppp.... This one is really mini Color Pop tint..
As you can know about Etude House color pop tint have 10 colors and the mini have 12 colors... I'm so excited..XD

The packaging is same as the bigger one, just plain white color with color pop mark.
The only one color that I love from this Tint is the number 12.. because in the big edition, they don't have this color..
the color is like burgundy color.. Looks like Etude House Rosy tint number 8 but more shinny..

and the price also very cheap.. XD compared to the bigger one..

This is the size when I compared it with Maybelline Baby Lips.. Really mini right?
It's remind me with Tony moly cat chu wink mini tint..
the packaging made from cheap plastic and not princessy.. Actually I don't like the packaging, because it's not really Etude House.. Usually Etude House always make me so fall in love with their packaging..

 (Swatch on my hand..)

and finally time to see swatch on my lips..
the final result is not very burgundy on my lips.. I thought the result will be look like in the example picture.. but It's okay.. I still love the staying power..
The staying power is great.. not smudge or remove after kissing.. LOLs..~! (but that's true)
on my lips can stay about 6-8 hours.. but it'll dissapear when you eat..

Finally, overall I quite happy enough but also kinda dissapointed with this product.. ^^
see yaa in the next post..^^
With love, 
Liza chan..~!