Hey girls...
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I know you all already know this eyeliner.
So many good review about it, so I bought it..
Until know, I still search about a very good Eyeliner..
But, I never found the very good one except local eyeliner named Mizzu..
I don't know why this very cheap eyeliner is work very well on my oily eyes, without any smudging..
Mizzu eyeliner is not as great as other eyeliner but, until know, that eyeliner is never smudging when I use on my eyes..
after that I heard and read many review about this gel liner..
some of beauty bloggers said that this eyeliner is very pigmented and really good..

first time I saw the packaging, It's look like other Tony Moly product, simple and elegant..
the brush is in the cap..

 The color is trully black and I love it at the moment..
but.. there is something that makes me very dissapointed.. TT^TT
Overall I love the texture, the color, the pigmentation, the packaging.. but about the staying power is so so dissapointed..

I use my Tony moly Berry Lovely girl eye primer before using this eyeliner..
and this is what I get after 5-6 hours..

smudging and the color dissapeared..
I don't know what happen, but this eyeliner is quiet dissapointed me..
how about you girls??

If you already try this eyeliner can you give me suggestion why this eyeliner is soo nay to me..

see you in the next post..
with love,
liza chan