HAUL: March 2014

yeaaayyyyy finally...
This is my first ever monthly haul post.. XD
before this I never make a haul post because I very lazy to make this post..
Sometimes I buy haul things not in the same time, so I bought it collectively..

Actually there is two more items that I bought this month but, I think the items will come at April.. because I bought it pre order.. so I just post the haul that came to my home..

This month, I safe so many money and not over budget.. so this is it... only 5 items and two items more.. mostly is Korean product.. and the other is local and NYX product..^^
Okay let's we start into the main point..XD

1. The Skinfood Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder..

I bought it through PO in my own shop Belle Beautify, the price is only  132.000 IDR, quite expensive for a powder I think.. but I need a new powder, because I almost run out of my powder, so I decided to buy this powder, since this powder is have a good cover, I will review it soon.. XD

2. Etude House Kissful Lipcare Lip Concealer

This one is the most wanted item in my wishlist.. Since long time ago, I want to buy a lip concealer.. and everytime I want to buy it, I always use my money for the important one.. and finally I have an oppurtunity to bought it.. this one I bought it also by my own shop Belle Beautify and the price is 55.000 IDR..

3. Etude House Oh M'eye Line AD Brown

This is the worst one.. I bought this one only because I want to have a brown liquid liner.. damn.. I broke my rules for buy the most important one.. but It's okay anyway.. this eyeliner also not too expensive only 51.000 IDR

4. Sariayu Eyebrow Pencil Pro in Black

I already review it yesterday.. you can take a look before this post.. XD

5. The Skinfood My Short Cake Setting Mascara

I only have one mascara in my home and the one is also a gift from my boyfriend.. So I want try this mascara, because I think it's have a good review.. This one also I bought it at my shop for 48.000 IDR.. very cheap right??? but this mascara also not bad.. review soon girls...

and the 2 items that not come to my house yet is:
I bought this two items in Bunny Beaute Cosmetika through pre order.. I hope my items will come soon... XD
see yaaa in the next review... XD
which one you want me to review first?? could you please suggest me in the comment box below?
thanks girls...

with love,
liza chan