Yukkiyuna Eyelashes Perfect Hope, Queen allure, Sweet Feminime

Hello Dolls..^^
Today I will review my favorite lashes all the time.. XD this lashes made in Indonesia..
This lashes have a great quality.. XD
I already review this lashes in this post..^^ http://cherriesspink.blogspot.com/2014/01/review-yukkiyuna-eyelashes-eotd.html
If you are my International reader, I'm so sorry because I didn't write it in English.. but this time, I'll write it in English..

So, Are you curious?? let's take a look..

Just like before, I bought it from Yukkiyuna reseller.. there is Puffe Shop..
And today I gonna review the Perfect series, Queen Allure, and Sweet Feminime..
If you curious the type of another lashes, you can visit Yukkiyuna Official Shop Here..

The packaging is still same with a very cute pink color.. XD I love pink.. ^^
the Perfect Series is a lower lashes.. Dolly series, Queen Series and Sweet Series is a upper lashes..
And here they goo..~!

 (Perfect Hope)

 (Sweet Feminime)

(Queen Allure)

Yukkiyuna have a clear band and the band is perfectly strong.. not easily to broke..
Just like dol*****k brand from Japan..
And by the way, you'll get this lashes for only $1,70 and come with the glue..^^
If you want to buy the lashes without the glue the price is only $1,28
Really cheap right??

This is the picture of the lashes on my eye..
Right is Sweet Feminime and Perfect Hope, left is Queen Allure and Perfect Hope..
I love the Sweet Feminime and Perfect Hope.. but I a little bit dislike the Queen Allure.. 
First time I saw it at Yukkiyuna Official Shop I thought that the lashes is not to long.. Because I don't suitable with a long lashes.. But this lashes is perfectly for anybody who loves long lashes.. XD
so Will you try this lashes after reading my post??
I hope you all like this lashes, because this lashes is really really have a great quality.. 
see you in the next post girls..

With love,
Liza chan