Hello ladies.. XD
today is very hot and because I don't go anywhere, so I decide to review one of my favorite powder this time..
Powder have many texture, there is compact powder, loose powder, and two way cake.
And this time I want to review the loose powder one..
Actually I love using compact powder but I very lazy to wash the sponge, and because loose powder is applied by powder brush, so I like it..
I always wash all my brush one time a week, I never lazy to wash a brush but very lazy to wash a sponge.. LOLs..!

This time I want to review one of Skinfood powder.. anybody already try this powder before?
this called Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder.. I love the "silky" things.. not glowing, because I have a oily combination face, so I hate glowing, glowing will make my face looks oily..

Let's start with the Skinfood say that, "A finish powder made with sake and peach extracts. Helps to relieve skin troubles cause by excess sebum. The ultra fine micro-silica powder keeps the skin fresh and soft as silk"
Yeay.. that means, this powder is suitable for acne prone skin and oily face..

nest let's see THE PACKAGING:

I think this packaging makes from plastic or maybe wood.. This packaging when you touch it, it looks like a wood but inside is a plastic.. maybe the right words is a plastic desained like a wood.. LOLs.. I always love Skinfood Packaging, because it's cute and simple.. First time I bought this powder, I think Skinfood won't give me a puff, but after the powder arrived, you can see that there is a puff inside.. XD the puff is sooooooo soft.... not hurt your face..

nexs is THE TEXTURE:
This powder not too white or neither translucent.. the powder really suitable for all skin's color I think.. even If you have a brown skin, this powder will follow your skin color..
sometimes when I bought powder It'll too white in my face, but this powder really follow my face color..  I have a mid-white brown color, maybe usually called beige.. please don't trust my photos, because camera always make my face looks white, but the real is not..

The texture also so light and not heavy.. but It's not covering all your pimples or scars.. that's why this powder named "Finish powder" because you must use after all your make up done.. and this powder will keep your make up stay. This powder also not crease on my face..

about the smell is also sooo yummy.. like a peach fruit... XD

Okaii, about the staying power is good I think.. not make my face oily and shiny all day long.. If your face is become oily, it's not because this powder, but it's depends on your BB or CC or foundation you use.. never blame the powder.. because powder is only help to prevent oily..

swatch time...~!

really silky right??
and this powder also help to filling a big pores.. but not cover your imperfect..^^

ok, I think that's all, don't forget to join Belle Beautify Sponsorship program HERE
hope this review is good enough to help you..
see yaaa..!
with love,
Liza chan