Hello girlsss..... *hugs*
Today I back with my new mascara.. Since I just have one mascara in my make up box, so I decide to buy a new one..^^ this one is from Skinfood..
I don't know why but I always love Skinfood than Etude House.. I love their fruit and vegetables ingredients with a nice smeels...I already try Etude Mascara and I very dissapointed with that mascara.. (I'll not write the name)
So, this time I try to buy a very cheap mascara from Skinfood..

For your information, this mascara is really cheap around 40.000 - 60.000 IDR..
but the power is good really..
I have a very uneven lashes.. so  If I want to buy a mascara I'll search with a volume and long power.. ^^

the packaging is so cute and simple with "my short cake" marks.. this mascara have a long and thin shape..about the brush, the bursh also very thin.. this kind of brush make my lashes more longer and make me easier to use a mascara.. sometimes If the brush is to big, it'll hurt my eyes.. T^T

the formula of this mascara make a longer lashes and set your eye make up nicely..
this mascara not irritated my eyes.. sometimes when I use a mascara, after few hours my eyes feels hurt like a dust insert into my eyes and when I go to somewhere using motorcycle, it feel like that too..but this mascara not like that.. so I quiet happy with this mascara.. about the smeel, it doesn't have a strong smeels.. ^^

this mascara is good enough, not smudging all day and also waterproof.. but if you compare with maybelline mascara, still have a good staying power maybelline than this one..
This mascara is easily remove with remover..^^

can you spot the different? my lashes looks longer than before..^^
so try this mascara..^^

 See yaa in the next post..^^
with love,
Liza chan..