I know, I know you all already curious right about this review.. *very confident*
I google about this review and found so many article but not about the review and also I found my old post about when this brushes release, I hope my review will help others to buy this product since I bought this a lot and want to collect them all :3 there is two type of brushes.. The one is original and the other is Secret brush.. SO if you want to know more, just read my review..~!

Brand: Etude House
Volume: ---
Price: It depends around USD 5 ~ USD 20

I buy not all of the brushes because I don't have more money, so I just buy brushes that I need and almost all is my favorite brushes.. I've been searching for a PINK BRUSHES since a long time ago and never meet the best quality and the best PINK color.. Lols~ I got this a little bit hard because I need to Pre-order it from the local online shop and I do this order twice, since at the first order, not all of my brushes come.. That's why I already put this at my review list but never review it, I just wait until all my lovely brushes come.. T^T
This brushes come with a very cute packaging.. Etude packaging always make me soo happy haha..Original brush come with a tranparent polkadot with a green cardboard inside, the secret brush come with a normal transparent with a pink cardboard.. which one is your favorite? for me both of them is really cute..

Both of the brushes is have a different on the ferrule and the logo, but the brush it self have a soft pink color..XD
The secret brush have a cute pattern at the ferrule, and at the handle, the logo is written with a gold color instead of brown color.. Etude house really change their brushes appearance.. I truly love their new brushes a LOT..~!!! not only the appearance but the quality of their brushes also so good..
Usually at the old Etude brushes, I always find that their brushes is always fall out.. but this one is really strong and really soft..

Are you all still remember at Etude house Etoinette Collection? the brush of Etoinette is have a pink and gold touch just like this one.. I already try Sigma brush and If I can compare between this two brand, I will choose Etude house one, since it's cheap and their quality of brushes really good just like Sigma brush.. Sigma brush is really expensive right? Etude house brushes is soft not hurt to your skin and give a good blending also.. I think you should try this brushes.. I bought 2 secret brush and 4 original one.. Let's we take a look one by one..~!
I use this duo fiber brush for foundation or loose powder, I use this one for contouring at fore head and cheek.. Duo fiber brush is multi-functional right?
Contour brush is an unique brush isn't it? I never found this brush at other brand, at the first time I thought this one will look like a blending brush but it's more big and longer than blending brush.. It help me to contour nose and under lips.. Sometime I use this for apply loose powder to my nose lols~
This is an eyeshadow brush, I used it a lot for apply eyeshadow at my eyes.. the brush is small but not as small as eyeliner brush..
Usually lip brush is small, that's why I rarely buy lip brush, but this one is really different, I remember that PONY always use this kind of brush to apply lipstick, that's why I bought it.. I love how this syntetic brush help me to draw my lip line easily..
I never forget to buy eyebrow essentials.. Brows is really important for me, so I always buy eyebrow products.. :3 I buy two eyebrow brushes, one is the screw and the other one is eyebrow brush, eyebrow brush is really help me to draw eyeliner too, so it's  multi-functional..
Overall I love this brushes.. I really happy to have them for my tools.. I really reccomend for those girls who have a limited budget to buy this one, It's cheap, high quality, and it's PINK..!
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What I like about this product is:
~ SOFT not fall out even after several wash
~ Pink handle

What I don't like about this product is:

to buy this product:
International: JOLSE, ETUDE HOUSE
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