Hellooo Ladies..~!
How important a bronzer to your life? For me, bronzer and highlighter is very important, first, I have a flat nose and a very round face.. Bronzer really help me to get a v-line look.. My nose will look higher than before every time I use a bronzer.. Some people will love to do surgery for get a perfect face shape but I can't do it, just can't, so I will always use bronzer to help me a lot..

1. 3D face line with softly shining skin.
Shading : silkily fitting and natural color makes your face look small.
Highlighting : Calm and luxurious skintone colors fit to face naturally.
2. Dual coating powder fits to your skin with creamy feeling without blowing powder.
3. Gorgeous colors all day long with sebum control powder and coated color pigment without darkening.

Brand: Innisfree
Volume: 9.5 gr
Price: USD 13.48
Shade: 01 Cozy noon sunlight, 02 Calm evening glow, 03 Path of fallen leaves
This one is come without any box, just a seal.. Actually I already want this on my wishlist, and luckyly again, Jolse kindly sent me this item.. Before try this, I usually use Etude House Bronzer..
The packaging is huge like a cushion, I mean the diameter, so the amount of this product is huge.. I think this one is more bigger than Etude one..
The texture is a little bit hard, sheer and not powdery.. The highlighter is too sheer, so we must take it so many to get the perfect result for give a sparkly effect.. The bronzer is quite pigmented, I love the bronzer color, it's just suitable for my dark and dull face.. It has a nice brown color without any reddish color.. sometimes I found a bronzer with a reddish brown color, I really hate that color.. haha.. This one have a perfect brown color for my face.. ^^
You can see the swacth above, the highlighter is just toooooo sheer, until my suck camera can't get it perfectly.. the bronzer is really brown just like I said..~ I use this at my nose only..

Sorry for my bad camera, my camera is not DSLR one, so can't capture color on the skin very good..
Overall I love this one, give the result very natural, and the bronzer is also very matte, not glitter inside.. lols~

What I like about this product is:
~ Cheap
~ Huge amount

What I don't like about this product is:
~ too sheer

to buy this product:
see yaa in the next post..^^
(this product was sponsored by Jolse, all review is based on my honest opinion)