Oh my GOd..~!! I'm soooo excited to review this product a lot.. O3O
After Etude release their liquid lips, Innisfree also release their liquid lips.. It's called Real Fluid Rouge.. I think this liquid lips and lipgloss is the same item.. It's glossy, give volume and nice cute color.. :3 Alright let's we jump into the review..~! I know you can't wait to see the review also right?
Rich and vivid colors with just one touch.
Moisture Plumping effect (actually no plumping ingredient)
Fitting formula with long lasting.
base : oil 70/ water 30

Brand: Innisfree
Volume: 3 gr
Price: USD 12.98
Innisfree only release 10 colors, but I always love Innisfree lip product shade, they always pick the best color..~ When I see Innisfree shades, I always want them all.. O__O The color is just perfect for me, different with when I see other brand shades..
This liquid rouge have a box.. Yeah the box is white again..~! Innisfree favorite packaging is white and very simple but I love the box as usual..~ The tube is like a lipstick but actually it's not a lipstick.. :3 Innisfree packaging is more simple than Etude House Color in liquid lips.. It has a transparent tube so you can see the color and you can see the amount..

The applicator is just an ordinary lipgloss applicator.. First time I use this it's kinda hard to make a perfect shape.. My lips is small so sometimes it's hard to draw my lips fully.. The texture is a little bit thick just like lipgloss, it also shiny like in the promotional picture.. My suggestion is don't take the product too much, because only with a small amount you can use it full lips.. I like the glossy effect, it give a nice volume to my small lips.. the glossy effect will dissapeared after 3-4 hours but the color still stay, I love to retouch after the glossy effect is missing..
(sorry for the different lightning)
The color is pigmented and almost same with the promotional picture, even I think the color is more pigmented than the promotional picture right? O~O.. I love this one sooo much.. I want the other colors.. <3 shade number 3 and 2 will great to try for me.. the color will dissapeared after eating.. don't forget to always retouch..~! XD which one is your favorite color? Tell me below..

What I like about this product is:
~ cute and simple packaging
~ Best color for lipgloss
~ have 10 shades

What I don't like about this product is:
~ Not longlasting

to buy this product:
see yaa in the next post..^^
(this product was sponsored by Jolse, all review is based on my honest opinion)