Heellooo girls..~! Aww today I gonna review my second Innisfree product.. XD I kinda curious with this gel-type brow.. What? Gel-type Brow?  yeah, this is a new concept of eyebrow product right?
so are you curious too with this product? This eyebrow gel is truly a gel type different with western 'gel' style which usually comes in a tube, this one is just like an eyeliner gel type..^^ 

Let's we take a look..!

 Gel tyle eyebrow with creamy texture.
Oblique line brush helps drawing eyebrow more exquisite.
Long lasting effect.

Brand : Innisfree
Volume : 1.6 gr
Price : USD 8.48
Shade : 1. Light brown
2. Brown
3. Dark brown

One cute thing about this product is they have 2 points, the top is the angled brow brush, the other one is the gel eyebrow.. At the first sight, you'll ask about:
"where is the gel?" Until you open the bottom of the product.. The product it self just come with a seal, not a box.. I think Innisfree product is always have an elegant product packaging.. Always with a white packaging and super simple with "innisfree" logo..

This Eyebrow gel have a very creamy texture just like an eyeliner gel.. I already saw Pony use this product at "Summer Proof Makeup" tutorial video.. and after that, this product already in my wishlist for a long time.. lols.. and luckily Jolse send me this product, Oh my God, I'm sooo excited to write this review.. thank's to Jolse..^^

this product provide a long lasting brows.. first time I used it, it's kinda difficult to draw my eyebrows shape, but after try to use it over and over again, finally I can draw my eyebrow perfectly..!
Tips: after you use this, set your eyebrow with eyebrow powder which have a same color with the gel.. it'll make your brows looks natural and full..
This eyebrow gel is pigmented and waterproof and also smudgeproof.. 
you can see the test below:
What I like about this product is:
~ pigmented
~ long lasting brow
~ cheap
~ the brush quality is good..

What I don't like about this product is:
~ the gel container is too small, sometimes it's a little bit difficult to take the gel..

to buy this product:
see yaa in my next post..^^
(this product was sponsored by Jolse, all review is based on my honest opinion)