Having a trouble with Oily skin, I suggest you to try this product.. I'm a big fans of a powder which makes my skin like Mochi, matte and have a great oil control of course.. Sometimes it's hard to make a honey skin, since I have an oily skin, that's why I prefer to have a mochi skin like a baby face, soft and matte..  Alright, this one is coming with the package from Jolse..^^ Since the name is "Oil Paper Powder" I kinda curious with the Oil control..^^  

• This finish powder cares oily skin, making your face with softness long time.
• 6 Free : Talc, Paraben, Mineral water, tar color, Benzophenone, Triethanolamine Free.
• This adheres to skin greatly, making your face clean and clear : Poly Rolling Gel System makes light makeup film, expressing your skin texture clean and clear by covering pores and unevenness.
• Realization of healthy skin. : Pore tightening complex and aqua moist 24 are contained, absorbing your sebum and sweat, supplying moisture enough and keeping your skin healthy and clear long time.(lotus water 0.1% contained.)

Brand: Tonymoly
Volume: 9gr
Price: USD 8.98

This product have a simple packaging which have a soft brown color with transparent container.. Actually it's kinda hard to take a picture of this product.. Maybe the color is too soft until my camera refuse it,, lol.. Since I don't have a good camera so pardon me girls...
This product have an ingredients list, so, I can check is that truly free of bla bla bla.. ~
The product case is made by hard plastic.. so I think it's quite safe if you drop it, the product won't broke.. Anyway this product contain puff also.. the puff quality is great.. no need to use a brush..

This powder is AWESOME that will explain everything.. lols..~! First time I receive it, I think it'll be like other loose powder.. but AFTER I try it, Oh my God, it's truly awesome.. Especially for those who have very oily face like me.. You know, oily face is good you'll not easily get wrinkle.. but everytime you use makeup for a long time, darkening will start then your face will become dull.. That's why powder is important to take care oily skin.. If your powder is good they will stay absorb your oil and make your face fresh all day.. I'm not getting paid for review this, and to be honest I love this product soooo much...

This powder have a white color but when you use it, it'll just like another translucent powder, your face won't become so white.. My face keep like a baby, soft and not oily for a long hours.. My face also become so silky I think maybe dust don't want to stay on my face anymore haha..
For those who have an oily face you'll start to worry about "Is this powder clogging my pores?"
the answer is NO.. Loose powder is better than compact powder, because loose powder have a very small particle..

Tonymoly must continue make this powder all the time lol.. I think after I finish this one I'll go repurchase from Jolse... XD the name and the function is really suitable and match.. Oil paper powder makes my face not oily even in the hot day.. this powder keeps absorb my oil..
the picture above, I already open the safety seal and the separator to show you the real product.. so don't worry to much, this product have a separator between the powder and the puff.. The separator also have a mini holes to control the amount of the powder when you take it..

What I like about this product is:
~ Super oil control
~ longlasting without darkening
~ soft, silky

What I don't like about this product is:

to buy this product:
see yaa in the next post..^^
(this product was sponsored by Jolse, all review is based on my honest opinion)