Hii Girls..! This is my first product from Lioele brand.. Have you already try Lioele product? lols.. I think Lioele is not cheap but also not very expensive.. but unfortunately Lioele is kinda rarely to update their product.. I walk into their website and I only found their old makeup.. Actually Lioele is have a very cute princessy packaging and concept.. Maybe if Lioele update their product, I'll add them into my favorite second brand..~!
"This eyeshadow trio is baked on terra cotta disk for ultra rich, long lasting application." Lioele site

Brand : Lioele
Volume : 4gr
Price : USD 8.34

Shade : 01 G pink gray, 02 G brown khaki
03 G blue navy, 04 G black smoky
05 lovely pink, 06 color harmony
07 sky blue, 08 bronze brown
09 mapple brown, 10 gold brown
13 triple sorbet, 14 lavender waltz

Lioele is popular with their princess packaging..! Actually I love their eyeshadow packaging.. 
pink color box and pink color product, it's sooooo amazing.. XD The box is have the same pattern with the product packaging.. It has a cinderella carriage pattern.. Superb cute right?? My boyfie also said that this product is very cute and good packaging.. lols..~ inside of the product, you can see the mirror and a free white eyeshadow sponge..

Since this product is a baked eyeshadow, so the texture is very great.. no powdery..! What a great product right..? ^^ This eyeshadow have a nice color also, but I kinda dissapointed with the pink color.. It's not pigmented, I think the pink one is a pearl color instead of pink.. lols..~
This product doesn't have any spacing between each shadow, so be careful when you take your eyeshadow, or, each color can mixed and the dark color will make the light one dirty..

All swath is without any eyes primer.. Actually I rarely using eye primer now a days.. so this is the 'bare' swacth without anything.. lols..~ The most pigmented color is G color.. truly white..! This eyeshadow not longlasting, I mean it's not waterproof so when you wash your face using water only, you'll find this eyeshadow missing..~

What I like about this product is:
~ what a pretty packaging
~ quite pigmented

What I don't like about this product is:
~ the pink color is sucks..!
~ not longlasting
to buy this product:
see ya in my next post..
(this product was sponsored by Jolse, all review is based on my honest opinion)