[JOLSE] NAKEUP FACE 10% Glycolic Acid AHA Scaling Cream 50ml Review

Hi all back with a new review on my blog.. This time still reviewing a skincare that I got from Jolse.. Yeayyy~ Thank you so much Jolse.. ^^ I've been eyed this cream because it's contain AHA.. for me AHA is a life saver that really fight whiteheads.. There is no more biggest problem in my face except oiliness around nose and chin also disgusting whiteheads.. Currently I've been 5 months pregnant that change my skin a lot.. my skin become more smooth and not sensitive again.. Thanks baby for cooperate with mommy..!! 

Argan tree kernel oil and sea grape extract form a moisture barrier on the skin to prevent moisture evaporation and keep the skin moist. Allantoin and centella asiatica soothe the sensitive and stressed skin quickly. Niacinamide helps tone up the skin clearly. 
Brand: Nakeup Face
Volume: 50 ml
Price: USD 21.98
Ingredients: COSDNA
So many new brands coming from Korea, until I confused which one is good which one is bad etc, but this is also my first time hearing about Nakeup Face..  Their brand is having a most likely packaging with COSRX.. :D Simple and just not make me interesting, but their performance I hope will be same as good as COSRX.. NO information sharing with English language, so what I got is only by reading at Jolse site about this cream..
This cream coming with a little spatula because the texture of the cream it self is thick so you need this spatula to help you take the cream from the container.. Nakeup Face promised us that the cream will help to soothe sensitive and stressed skin also help to tone up your face.. I prefer to use this cream around night because It's make my face become oily around the nose.. I think the cream trying to make the sebum melted and help to remove my whiteheads.. I always use this cream when I feel my skin rough and start to showing up whiteheads..
When you apply the cream, you'll feel a bit sting sensation, result is different among people, but If you can't handle the sting sensation you probably want to try the 5% cream.. This cream comes in 2 different version, 5% and 10%.. Every time I use this cream, the next morning my face become so smooth and clean without any rough and whiteheads.. ! Really love how this cream really work for my skin during the night.. When I feel so tired, I also use this cream and the next morning my skin looks more vitalize..

I cant afford before after result or something like that because my current skin condition is really good, and I don't have whiteheads everyday just like when early pregnancy time.. So what I can afford is just the experience that I feel every time I use this cream.. I don't use this cream frequently, only when my face need extra care.. Overall I really like the cream, helps me a lot and I hope the result will be the same with you If you want to try this... Don't forget to comment below If the result really satisfied..!!

What I like about this product is:
~ Help reduce stressed and problem skin

What I don't like about this product is:
~  A bit Sting

to buy this product:
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(this product was sponsored by Jolse, all review is based on my honest opinion)