IOPE 2017 NEW Air Cushion Matte Long Wear Review

Cushion foundation.. After cushion foundation is invented in the beauty world, even now high end brands also make their own cushion foundation.. 😁 I dunno how many cushion I've already tried, but IOPE is a brand that I never try before even when so many people said that this brand is really a good one..But today Jolse give me a chance to review it.. yeayy..~


The cushion powder and fitting powder is fit on top of each other, expressing the skin bright for a long time without darkening, and care the pores freshly and lightly.

The new technology that collides pigment particles repeatedly and mixes the particles evenly allow vivid colors and fine skin cover.
The 3D stereoscopic air sponge express the skin moist and glowing.
Brand: IOPE
Volume: 15 gr*2
Price: USD 39.98

Let's we start talking about the packaging first. The packaging is very elegant especially the box, but the cushion it self is very simple just a white case with 'IOPE' mark.. Despite it's simple case, the case is made of very good plastic which a bit compact than another brand.. When you buy this cushion you'll also get the refill.. πŸ’— There is 4 shade in total and I choose #23 to be my shade.. My skin is not really that fair, if you already meet me in the real life you'll see.. hehehe

IOPE cushion have a 3D stereoscopic air sponge which is just like the picture above, you can see the texture of the sponge is like a bee cave.. As you know that my skin profile is oily combination, but most of my face is oily.. only the forehead and the cheeks which have normal skin, that's why I always pick MATTE foundation or cushion actually.. After a long search, many matte cushion will end up cakey around my nose or not cakey but when you sweep your face use hands or tissue, the cushion will end up transferred to my hand or tissue, especially when the weather very hot and I'm sweating a lot, I can't hold my urge to use tissue for my sweat.. The last 3** foundation that I review is my favorite but when I try this cushion, I can say that this cushion also will become my next favorite..!!
The texture is light but give you a nice coverage.. It's claim long wear and it's true.. The cushion cover my redness and pores without any primer needed and give a fresh matte face which hold for 10 hours..!! If you ready my review on Saat insight Fixer, you'll see my face after 12 hours right? In that picture I also use this cushion and that fixer really help too..  After 10 hours my oil will start to showing up.. 10 hours is still included into long lasting category right? usually another cushion will end up cakey after 6 hours only.. The most happiest part is this cushion is not drying on my face..! even it's not cakey If I retouch it..  The texture is super light..! If you need FULL coverage I want to suggest you 3** foundation but If you want a daily fresh light but give you good coverage, definitely you need this cushion in your life.. 

What I like about this product is:
~ Not cakey, not transfer, and not smudge
~ Longlasting
~ Very light texture

What I don't like about this product is:
~  Nothing at this moment..

to buy this product:
see yaa in the next post..^^
(this product was sponsored by Jolse, all review is based on my honest opinion)