Etude House Dear Darling Tint [New Packaging] Review

I bet everyone is already know about this brand especially their famous Dear Darling Tint.. ! Yeap, I actually already review the old one long time ago, but still fall in love with this tint especially with their new packaging.. If you still remember, I review this tint with my old time style in reviewing items, did anyone miss my old time way to taking picture or you all prefer this way? Lol~! You can check the review in here: HERE

  • The superb moisture adherence colors the lips evenly for a long time.
  • The light and muted colors brighten the skin by coloring the lips clearly.
  • Soap berry fruit extract expresses moist and fresh fruity lips with rich minerals and vitamins.
Brand: Etude House
Volume: 4.5 gr
Price: USD 8.98
Among all brands, Etude still in my top list most reviewed brand on my blog.. lol..~ Dear Darling tint now comes in many variant such as gel tint, oil tint, and water gel tint.. You can choose which texture did you like, but I think Dear daring tint AD is same with gel tint because the texture is thick like a jelly.. Talking about the packaging, Etude house never failed me.. I love all Etude packaging..! Colorful and full of concept..^^ When Jolse ask me to do a review of it I can choose two color through their website, but I stupidly input the same colors, so I have two of PK006.. Later I will do some giveaway and giving away another one to lucky winner, because one tint will run out for a long time.. 
I pick this color because It's just a rare color, usually Etude only release red, orange or pink, but this time the color is full of glitters..!!!! The texture of this tint is very light but not watery, I think this tint is like a lip gloss for me but the color will stay for long time.. I use this tint and after eat or drink the glittery color still stay a bit, but you need to retouch of course.. The wand is a donut shape for easier application on the cupid area..
The original color also same with the advertorial picture.. But the result of course different between everyone lips.. If you have darker lips, you'll need a concealer.. My lips a bit pale, so the color result just like in the photo above.. Overall I love the texture and the color, definitely will try other color as well..^^ This tint also not drying your lips.. That's the most favorite thing for me.. Usually tint always make my lips drying..

What I like about this product is:
~ Natural color
~ Longlasting
~ Very light texture
~ Good quality

What I don't like about this product is:
~ Nothing

to buy this product:
see yaa in the next post..^^
(this product was sponsored by Jolse, all review is based on my honest opinion)