Dr. Lola Product Review From BBCosmetic

Hello.. everyone.. how are you doin?? Please let me say sorry for the lack of the post.. lol~ so today I'm going to post my postponed review about Dr. Lola product that I got from BBCosmetic.. yeayyy... Again i want to say congratulation to all my giveaway winner sorry for late shipping because I've been busy with my work so I can't send the winner address fast to BBCosmetic, but, I promised that I already sent it just now.. Without further notice, let's start the review..^^

First item that I got from Dr. Lola is their very popular konjac sponge.. Does anyone know about konjac sponge? Konjac Sponge is natural sponge that good for cleaning blackheads and remove dead skin cells..

There is two type of sponge that I got from Dr. Lola brand.. First is oval shape then the second one is round type.. for the oval one I got orange, black and white type, and for the round I just got white type.. As you can see from my instagram picture, I already try the sponge and my face really clean from dead skin cells, but from comedo a little bit comedos still stuck in my nose.. My whiteheads a bit hard to removed.. Overall this konjac sponge really help me a lot when I clean my face..

The second items that I got is a mask named: Dr. lola London shopper mask sheet.. I got in total 6 mask inside this very cute packaging.. XD this mask give a very moisture to the skin with anti wrinkle benefit.. The smell is so relaxing, that's why I love this mask so much even actually I don't really like mask sheet.. I prefer wash off mask or peel off mask..
the last product that I got from BBCometics is a serum that really works like botox, only a small portion can give you tightening effect in just couple minutes.. This serum really helps me a lot to give fast tightening effect to under eyes fine lines..

I wanna say thanks to BBCosmetic for choosing me as their partner, actually I'll make video version of this review at last saturday, but because I'm going to marriage and very busy after  it, so I just post the blog version first, I wanna say sorry to BBCosmetic for giving them a long time to make the review.. T^T

for purchase the item please refer to this link:

I'll make the video version later with how to use the product.. XD see ya in my video later..~!