Hi all..! So, how is your hair condition right now? Breakage? SUPER DRY? damaged? Split ends?
My hair is very special, they are really dry because of two times of smoothing process, about three times coloring process and because I'm a lazy girl to take care my hair.. When summer comes, my hair become more damaged and dry even split ends start to show them self in the bottom of my hair.. Oh my God, this is so frustrating.. I search at internet how to end that split ends and found that the best way to reduce and remove split ends is by using conditioner..! Ok, that way is really good but I want my hair to be smooth, I also want to reduce dryness so my hair will looks good and after try this shampoo my hair really getting more better than before.. I forget to take it before and after photos because at first, I don't think that this will be a good post to share, I just try that shampoo and my hair really getting better.. And what shampoo is that? *drum roll* Taraaa...~!

I find this and try this shampoo and conditioner.. It's a cheap drugstore product that easily to get in supermarket.. Loreal Total Repair Shampoo.. This two items is really awesome..

I lazy to edit my photo so this time not white background photos hahaha.. This shampoo is specialized for damage hair like my hair.. They claim that they combats 5 essentials of damaged hair such as breakage, dryness, dullness, coarseness, split-ends.. I have that 5 conditions at my hair before I use this shampoo.. After I use the shampoo and conditioner only for about 2 weeks, I see that I don't have any split ends again.. WOW..! But my hair still dry until now, I guess my hair really needs more vitamin to prevent dryness.. 

I never find other shampoo that remove split ends hair so fast.. now, it's been 1 month and 2 weeks after I use this every three days, since my hair is super dry, so I wash my hair every 3 days to keep my hair from additional dryness.. I think If you have damaged hair maybe you can try out this shampoo.. It's cheap, affordable and great result.. (but not everyone hair is the same, so please If you receive an irritation, itchy, or anything wrong when you use this shampoo, please stop it..)

Additional tips for take care damage hair is:
1. don't stay under sunlight too long.. Sun also make your damaged hair more damaged.. -3-
2. don't use any hot tools to style your hair.. Better keep it natural and tied it don't to tight.. 
3. use hat if you go outside too long or umbrella or anything that protect your hair..
4. use plenty of conditioner and additional hair vitamin or serum to keep your hair healthy..

That's a little tips from me for damaged hair outside.. I'm really happy with this shampoo's result.. 
Bye bye split ends..~! XD