Hi girlsss... The Saem released a new line for their collection, It's called Eco Soul SPAU and Shinee become their ambasaddor.. I'll share the video later.. ^^ This concept is really interesting.. SPAU water will make your face keep moist and your makeup never dry.. are you curious about it? Let's we take a look.. ^^
The makeup never dries.
Moist and glossy skin like you just finished spa.
6 in 1 - Pore Care + No-Sebum Control + Pure and Natural Gloss + Nutritious Skin Care&Makeup + Smooth Skin Texture + Natural Mineral Powder
UV Rays Block + Whitening + Anti-Wrinkle Care
Smoothing Polymer and Sphere Powder presents smooth skin.
100% Belgium SPAU Water&Natural Mineral Powder keeps your skin moist during makeup.
Covers freckles and troubles. Enhances adhesiveness of next products such as BB or Foundation.
More than 20 kinds of skin care components work together for healthier skin - moisturizing, nutrient, vitalizing, sensitive care

Brand: The Saem
Volume: 35 ml
Price: USD 15.98
Shade: -
The packaging is very cute.. Especially the box, the box has a coral color.. So pretty and refreshing my mind hahahaha.. This time The Saem really make my eyes fall in love with their packaging.. The bottle has a light brown color, I'm a bit confused, does the bottle is transparent or no.. Because the color of the primer is same just like the bottle color..
The Saem is similar to Holika-holika brand, they always put an expired date instead of manufactured date.. The size of the bottle also medium.. This primer comes with a pump type of bottle, so I really like this one, you can adjust the amount easily with a pump type.. SPAU collection from The Saem is really interesting to try, they use 100% belgium SPAU water to keep our skin moist..
This primer claims that your make up is never dry, moist and glossy skin.. I do really agree with their claim about your make up is never dry and moist, but I don't experience any glossy skin when I use this.. I feel my skin is silky, soft and moist without oily.. I don't expect to much about sebum control, but this primer really amaze me.. This primer really do the job as a primer which help me to control my oily face, make my face smooth but give me a moist skin also.. Sometimes oil control primer feels a little bit dry on face but this one is really moist..

The texture is not sticky even you apply too much, this primer really remind me of Etude house face conditioning cream..  The texture really almost the same.. If I can choose I'll drop my choice to this primer.. It's more moist and hold oily face better than Face conditioning.. This primer will help you all who have an oily face but lack of moisture.. Face conditioning cream also very good to hold oily face but for the moist effect, SPAU primer win.. :3
Please don't judge it bad because it's not a wrinkle and pore filler.. so It just a primer which help to prevent greasy, sebum control, smooth my skin texture and make my uneven skin tone looks better..  I test it on my palm to see their smooth effect, it's make my fine lines smooth but not the big wrinkles.. I have a big pores around my nose because of oily skin, the primer help to make my pores look smaller but not fill it just like a pore filler job.. so I still can see my pores..

This primer has a SPF30 PA++ for a sun protect.. I really like this primer a lot, for a lazy make up day, I just use this primer and a powder, after that my face will look even and not dull.. This primer can hold my oily skin until 10 hours without being dark, so for those who want to get a moist primer with a good essentials for oily skin, better you drop this to your wishlist right now.. LOL~ hahaha

Here is the video of Shinee as their ambassador..

What I like about this product is:
~ Really moist my skin without being oily
~ Worth to try for everyone, dry skin, oily and normal skin can try this
~ Control sebum for oily skin
~ Smooth skin

What I don't like about this product is:
~ Nothing

to buy this product:
see yaa in the next post..^^
(this product was sponsored by Jolse, all review is based on my honest opinion)