According to FDA Sunblock more than SPF15 can prevent skin from sunburn, reduce the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging.. Have you know that sunblock is the BEST product for our skin?
I'm very afraid of wrinkle, so I must say that sunblock is one of my savior to prevent it.. I start to know the function of sunblock since 19 y.o, actually it's kinda late, I hope I know it when I 12 y.o.. T^T But it's better late than nothing right? Since I live at Indonesia which is only have two seasons, so sunblock is a must..!

Aqua daily sun gel made from organic sunflower oil SPF30 PA++
1. Blocks UV with light coverage, without leaving a white cast

2. A water-based type with hyaluron to provide intense hydration

3. Sunflower oil and eco-friendly green tea extract from the pure Jeju island protect the skin from harmful UV rays

4. Fermented yeast ingredients protect the skin from any environmental damage.

Brand: Innisfree
Volume: 50 ml
Price: USD 13.48

When I saw that Jolse sent me this product, I'm very curious about it.. It's a SUN GEL haha.. My first impression is: "OMG, it must be light, not stick and watery texture" so I just go directly open it and try it haha..! But before we talk about the texture, we should take a look their packaging first..

This sunblock comes with a box and It's really super summer packaging.. have a yellow with a blue color makes me think about go to beach with a blue sky, blue ocean and sunshine..! The bottle also have a yellow with a blue flower.. I love to see the packaging.. It always make me feel fresh everytime I wanna use it.. lol..
The bottle is not too big about 11cm tall.. This product come with a tube so it's very easy to control the amount of the product.. Under the bottle you will find the manufactured date.. Sunblock is only for 12 month after opening, so always buy the new one after 12 months even if you still not clearing that sunblock..
Let's we talk about my favorite part: the texture..!
Innisfree claim that this sun gel has watery texture and very light.. YES..! It's truly light and watery.. not sticky and very fresh.. you'll feel like you apply a cream on your face.. This one is fast absorb into your skin.. Innisfree also claim that no white cast after you use it and it's true, maybe because this sunblock only have SPF30, usually I found that SPF50+ always leave white cast to my face..

When you use it to your face, your skin will feel very moist, bouncy and glowing.. Actually I don't want to get glowing skin because I have a dark and dull face, so glowing face will makes me look very dull and oily.. My tips for those who want to get mochi skin: always use any powder which prevent sebum and reduce shiny on your face.. I think this sunblock really suitable for any skin type but the best skin to use this is dry skin.. For oily face also quite long lasting (not make my face soo oily after several hours) but I just don't like the glowing part.. haha.. I love mochi skin not honey skin.. There is another sunblock from Innisfree which prevent sebum you can check here, I think that one will suit oily skin, but I don't know about the texture, will it have a watery texture like this or no..

Overall, I love this sunblock.. I just don't like the glowing effect, but for daily use, I just love this sunblock.. really light and watery.. fast absorb to your skin.. Anyone can recommend me what is your favorite sunblock?

What I like about this product is:
~ Light, watery texture
~ no more white cast
~ Fast absorb and quite longlasting

What I don't like about this product is:
~ glowing~!

to buy this product:
see yaa in the next post..^^
(this product was sponsored by Jolse, all review is based on my honest opinion)