Helloo pretty ladiess..^^ How are you lately? I just stay at home, do exercise every 2 days at fitness center, eat and sleep everyday lol...  I don't have any work to do except blogging since I'm still a freelancer hehe.. Today I gonna review a concealer from Aritaum..
Do you already try this concealer? I saw many good review about this product.. So I start to curious, do this really that great..? I got this from Jolse with my last package.. :3 Let's we jump into the review, shall we?

High Cover Concealer in moist cream type, it contain rose hip oil complex to keep the moisture in our skin..

Brand: Aritaum
Volume: 1.25gr + 1.25gr
Price: USD 9.48
Shade: -
It's remind me of my older post about Aritaum eyeshadow.. the packaging is really look a like but the concealer is more bigger..  Just like the eyeshadow, this concealer also only come with a seal, no box.. The packaging is made from hard plastic case.. :3 I think for a concealer the packaging is just perfect, not fragile also..

This concealer have a very very very creamy texture, not thick and will melt when you touch it.. When you take the concealer, the consistency feels like a liquid concealer.. OAO It also very easy to blend and mix.. I Love the texture..! The lighter shade is yellow-ish tone and the darker shade is more peachy tone.. for under eye, use the darker shade first then dab dab the lighter shade, the coverage will be really good.. I have an oily face, but I don't find any trouble with this concealer.. quite longlasting..! After several hours this concealer not darkening, so my face still stay fresh and flawless without any spot.. hihihi
As you can see above, the coverage is just awesome right? both of two shade have a nice coverage.. It can conceal your dark spot, your acne and redness skin, and also your under eye.. This concealer contain rose hip oil, your skin will keep moist, especially for under eyes skin.. I think for now, this concealer is my best concealer ever.. I never found any Korean brand concealer that do the perfect coverage and perfect texture like this.. :3

If you don't want cream concealer, Aritaum also have stick and liquid concealer.. All their concealer is great.. so you can choose which one is your favorite texture.. for me I love use cream than stick hahaha.. Overall I love this concealer.. Nice coverage with a moist texture, but not make my face more oily or dry.. This concealer is totally recommended for you girls.. you should really try and get your eyes on this concealer, since it's cheap also.. The coverage is buildable, so don't worry if you blend it perfectly, no more cakey face ahahaha..

What I like about this product is:
~ NICE coverage
~ longlasting
~ not drying and moist
~ Cheap price

What I don't like about this product is:

to buy this product:
see yaa in the next post..^^
(this product was sponsored by Jolse, all review is based on my honest opinion)