Live in a country which is full of dust when you go out? Yes, that's me.. I'm not allergic to dust but I just hate the feeling when I use makeup then I go out and when I go back, my face is dull and full of dust.. I always shock when I clean my face use my cleansing water.. And another thing that I hate is I always use cotton pad more than usually when I go out.. I need something that make a barrier to my face so dust will never stick into my face again.. T^T

"This is a mist that protects skin from harmful environment by forming a protective outer barrier and providing care with its plant extracts that clarify dull and exhausted skin."

Brand: Etude House
Volume: 150 ml
Price: USD 12.98

Okay I'm so happy that Jolse kindly sent this item to me.. I want to buy the cream also later after I finish my Face Conditioning Cream.. Dust cut line from Etude House is really touch my heart so much.. Since you know, Indonesia is start to grow up, cars and motorcycle is everywhere now, they create more pollution and dust in the air, so we need this right? This mist come with a box, very simple and not cute.. haha.. Etude always make me so excited about their product because the packaging is always cute, but this one is just very simple but I don't hate this packaging.. The bottle of the mist made from hard tin Hard Plastic so even you drop it the bottle won't brake..

This mist have a interesting ingredients, every time you apply it, you will feel something is protect your skin.. After the mist is absorb to my skin I just can feel something is on my face haha.. Do you know the feeling when you use makeup for the first time? I feel that when I use this mist, but the feeling will dissapeared after 5-10 minutes..
This video will show you how this mist will work to prevent dust :

I do try to do this test also.. :3
I do that test to my hand and so the result is on the picture below..^^
Personally I love this mist, It do prevent dust for stick on my face.. I wonder how If I use the cream also.. I think their performance will more better and truly prevent dust fully.. By the way when I use this mist, this mist is not giving any oil control, so before use this mist, better apply cream or makeup that take care of your sebum or your face will look like an oil factory.. hahaha.. I experienced it.. T^T when I use this mist with my sunblock only, my face will become an oil factory after 3-4 hours.. haha.. For those who have an oily skin like me, don't forget your sebum control product okay?? :3

What I like about this product is:
~ Prevent dust
~ Cheap and good hard plastic bottle

What I don't like about this product is:
~ not control sebum

to buy this product:
see yaa in the next post..^^
(this product was sponsored by Jolse, all review is based on my honest opinion)