Hello girls...
Ah finally I can review a new item again..
Sorry for the lack of post, that is because I keep lazy to edit my photos lol..~
adn yeayy, today I'll review a cute item, cheap and should you have in your pocket..
Have you all already know about this eyebrow powder?

Product Description
" Cacao from chocolate protects eyebrows, keeping skin healthy around eye areas, This eyebrow powder creates a beautifully natural brow." -Skinfood site

Quantity: 4gr
Shades: #1 Grey Khaki Black
#2 Grey Brown

This eyebrow powder comes with a cute classic chocolate palette with emboss..
I really love the "choco" series from Skinfood, I already review one of the eyeliner HERE..
All Choco series is have a cute packaging.. Looks like chocolate..

Every time you open the box, you'll always smell a chocolate aroma..
I wonder this is really an eyebrow powder or a cocoa pressed powder..Lols~!
this palette really an eyebrow powder.. have two colors inside.. 
one is medium brown and the other one is dark brown..
and you'll get a free angled brush brow for free..
the brush it self is have a good quality, not too soft and not too hard..
(sorry if the brush is dirty, after this eyebrow powder arrived yesterday, immediately I try this brow powder)
the powder it self is a little bit powdery, but the color pigmentation is great..
you can mix the color to make a great color to your brows..

This eyebrow powder really give you a great natural brows..
but I think if you want to have a bold brows, you should combine this eyebrow powder with eyebrow pencil or eyebrow gel..
and the bonus is the medium brown color.. you can use it as a bronzers.. 
All this eyebrow powder is matte.. 
the staying power is medium I think, because it's not waterproof so your eyebrow will fade after hours..
see yaa in my next post.. ^^